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Give your dehumidifier the right maintenance

<![CDATA[A dehumidifier has several benefits. By reducing the humidity in a space, it actually helps stop the growth of dust mites and molds. These spread in air and if this air is inhaled, it proves harmful for lungs and respiratory organs. A dehumidifier can also prove good for the health of your wooden furniture, wall paints and wallpapers and what’s more, even your clothes will dry faster if there is a dehumidifier in your home.

The correct maintenance of a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier, as it is, does not require much maintenance. But at the same time, as any electrical appliance, it does need some checking and looking after from time to time. If you can spare some time to pay heed to maintaining the dehumidifier, you can be assured of its long life span.

Below are some tips on how to maintain a dehumidifier:

The placement of the dehumidifier is important: Never keep a dehumidifier attached to the wall but always maintain a 6 inches distance from the wall to enable its air intake and exhaust. Close the doors and windows when the dehumidifier is on because if outside air enters the room, then the dehumidifier ends up over working and you will get a huge energy bill.

Clean the water container regularly: Check the instruction manual of the dehumidifier for cleaning and maintenance details. Water collects in the water container of the dehumidifier. Hence it is necessary to clear the container of this water regularly. Also, you need to clean the container with soap and disinfectants to keep it dirt free. If the container is not cleaned for a long time, mold and mites will start accumulating on them which in turn will be distributed all over the home. It is not good for the health of lungs. Hence clean the water container regularly.

Replace the filter at regular intervals: The instruction manual will guide as to when to replace the filter. So go accordingly. The filter when replaced at the right time-frame will ensure better functioning of the dehumidifier.

Clean the grills well: A dehumidifier has two grills, one that takes in the air and the other that releases the dehumidified air through a vacuum brush. Both these grilles should be cleaned from time to time, so that the dirt accumulated therein is cleared.

Don’t indulge in off-on: Never switch on and switch off the dehumidifier at once. Wait at least 10 minutes before switching it on. Otherwise, it puts pressure on the compressor.

Summary:  A dehumidifier is a convenient appliance because it does not need high maintenance but only a little bit of caring and cleaning at regular intervals.]]>


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