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Give a stylish look to your beard this season

Just as men have come a long way in their fashion sense and choices, so do they have for their beards. More and more men are joining the bandwagon of the sexy bearded men. Even women have also started to fall for men with beards to men who have clean-shaven looks. Men take pride when they get beard compliments; after all, they put in great efforts to create the beard on their face that is worth compliments.

If you are also inspired by the bearded bandwagon and are on a lookout for an ideal bearded look for your face, here are some of the coolest and the sexiest beard styles to consider:

Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed beard is a style that is apt for men who want to have a beard on their face but they are not fond of traveling the full beard route. You need to design it very carefully and by putting in great deal of efforts to give it a seamless appearance. A well-designed short boxed beard will outline your jaw and showcase the cheekbones. It is perfect for heart-shaped, oval, round-shaped, angular, and faces that do not have quite a prominent chin.

French Fork beard

For a very distinctive style, just like Jack Sparrow who wore the French Fork beard in one of his recent fictional characters, you need to get the hang of this style. It is a full bearded look but the hair is crafted so smartly it does not cover the entire face. Facial hair extends to the chin, and you can see a split in the middle.

Tight Beard

This beard is close to your face yet gives a nice and manageable look to your facial hair. You can use a normal trimmer to shape it on a regular basis, and could invest on special beard trimming shears that could give you a professional like trimming every time.

The tight beard gives a strong character to your face and continues to grow midway to your cheeks, and then beautifully merges with your in shape mustaches. You are supposed to keep this style neat and trim and for that, it requires a good deal of trimming. Men whose facial hairs grow much faster will probably not like this style owing to its high maintenance.

Full Beard

Full beard is probably the oldest and the most masculine beard style you can watch out for. It requires easy maintenance because you need not trim it again and again. You cheeks, upper lip, and your chin are covered by a full beard, so be ready to play with your eyes, as people will only be able to see your eyes and forehead and understand your expressions.

It suits every face structure but men whose facial hair grows at a snail’s speed; they need to show some real patience to create this look on their face.

Van Dyke Beard

When you see someone sporting a beard style wherein a goatee combines with a mustache, you should know it is a Van Dyke beard style. The name it gets from the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke who sported this beard style and it truly was his signature look. However, today this beard style has grown in popularity.

Men wearing this beard have to have their cheeks all clean of facial hair and they have to be smooth. This style looks lovely but only when both the mustache and the beard have clean lines and do not look like a bunch of unmanageable and overgrown facial hair.

Men, facial hair is back with a bang. Get on to the styles and prepare yourself for Movember.


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