Five most convenient ways to go for a modular home


The concept of a modular home has gained immense popularity in recent times particularly in the housing construction industry. Such homes ensure manifold benefits to homeowners compared to conventional stick-built homes. A modular home is appealing as it is less expensive than a standard home. However, purchasing a modular home is one of the most substantial investment decisions, which one should never take lightly. Here are some useful tips that you must consider before purchasing a modular home.

Get familiarized with the entire process:

Prior to choosing a modular home, the first and foremost thing is to familiarize you with the entire process. Building a modular home is a different concept altogether compared to stick framing. Such homes are developed in a factory in planned stages right from flooring until the finished product post, which it is set in the place at one’s jobsite. This process comprises of framing, floor treatments, drywall, insulation, windows, roofing, cabinetry, sliding, lighting fixtures and plumbing. Usually experienced artisans install and finish these homes with the help of up to date production technology. Thus, one must be well aware of the entire process before taking the final decision.

Deciding the size:

Next one must decide the size that they are looking for. One must consider several factors before choosing the size. In addition, one should consider factors such as the size of the bathroom, bedroom among others that they desire.

Location plays a crucial role:

Locating the area where one desires to place their home is indeed crucial. Options comprise of buying a plot in which to set one’s home.

Keep amenities in mind:

While viewing a modular home, one must keep into consideration the amenities, which they desire. The greatest benefit to buy such a home is that one can select the amenities they wish such as large whirlpool bathtubs, custom cabinets and fireplaces. Further one also has the flexibility of picking the basic decor and colours of carpet that they want.

Inspecting the finished products:

Prior to purchasing a modular home, it is imperative on one’s part in inspecting the finished product. When it comes to traditional home construction, one is constrained to computer simulations or blueprints, while in case of a modular home, the module or individual unit is manufactured in bulk. Thus for best results one has the flexibility of checking out models in showrooms ahead of time.


Not every company that makes modular homes are same. There can be a vast difference with respect to price, service and quality. Thus, while building or purchasing a modular home, it is indeed crucial to do your own research.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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