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Endangered seabirds waiting for sympathy

bird zldkR 17620The innocent mute creatures have always been victims of human action. Directly we do a lot to harm them, but what we do unknowingly is really shocking. Look at these poor seabirds hooked by fishing boats. Thousands of seabirds die and get injured by the ocean longliners. Urgent measures are required to save the albatross and other seabirds from extinction. Generally these killings are not intentional; the birds get caught and injured by the several baited hooks carried by the longliners, than they are drawn underwater and drown. These fishing boats are meant for catching tuna and swordfish, but it becomes too cruel for the seabirds.

The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Meeting held in Muscat raised this issue and all the nations are thinking seriously to take some necessary steps. Some rules and regulations are made, that must be adopted by the fisheries in Indian Ocean. They have freedom to choose at least any two of the measures provided by the Commission.

– They should set the hooks with very negligible light at night, when the birds are less active.
– They should color the baits blue so that it would be invisible in water and will not attract birds.
– They should use a bird streamer keeping the bird away from the hooks.
Many endangered seabirds like Amsterdam albatross, Diomedea amsterdamensis, Thalassarche cauta and the black-browed albatross, Thalassarche melanophrys will be saved from death by this regulation. We, the human beings are gifted with mental power as well as physical power; so it’s our duty to save the rest who has come to live with us. The poor little creatures have some expectation for sympathy in their eyes.

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