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Effective tips on child discipline from parenting experts

tips on child discipline

Seeking parenting advice is not all that easy. A wide assortment of websites, books, magazines, etc offer parenting tips and it becomes pretty bewildering to narrow down the options and choose the best from the rest. Therefore, to make it simpler for you, we have jotted down some very effective strategies that parents need to use in order to teach their children the value of discipline.

“Be a parent, not a friend”

By this we do not mean that you become strict with your child at all times, but you should mark a place for yourself where you do not hesitate to become the bad guy in order to bring your child on the right track. Your child will get angry sometimes after your strict behavior towards him, but this would be much better than letting him go astray.

“Use natural consequences if possible”

Sometimes it is better to let your child learn a lesson rather than giving them a punishment. For instance, if your child refuses to put on his coat, let him get cold. If your child fails to keep his toys at one place, let his toys get lost. Such natural consequences are much better and effective ways of shaping behavior than the punishments.

“Problem Solving”

Punishment leads to a rigid and stubborn behavior in children and problem solving makes them responsible and respectful. Children relate punishment to be a forced demand of their parents imposed on them and this is why they become all the more obstinate. Children never learn through fear and force, in fact they become bullies. Therefore, making them understand their mistakes and the consequences is the best way to tackle kids.

“Make them understand the very word discipline”

Every parent should refrain from the punishments and believe in educating. If you will try teaching your child the meaning of discipline through punishment, threats and training, they will never ever get your point. On the other hand, if you will try to teach them the meaning of discipline like a teacher in school, the children will take no time in learning and will abide by the principles you teach them. Make them understand that discipline is something that is for your own good and betterment.

“You are the role model for your child”

Childhood is the age when Imitative behavior is at its strongest. Kids tend to imitate almost everything that their parents do, be it good or bad. So parents make sure that you model all good things in front of your children, otherwise you will be the one to blame for the bad behavior of your children.


Here are some parenting tips from experts, which are extremely efficient to put your child on the disciplinary track.

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