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How effective is community parenting in modern era

Once you get kids, life becomes busier. Parents often find it difficult to make sufficient time for their kids. It seems that two is not a good number for raising a child. Community parenting can help you provide better care to your children. When people apart from the immediate legal parents help in the upbringing of kids it is termed as community parenting.

These people can be the biological grandparents, members of the same community and neighborhood or elder brothers and sisters. Even uncles, aunts and other relatives can create a community for supporting you and helping you raise your child. This type of parenting is considered quite healthy as there are many to support the kids and they are never left alone.

The traditional family consists of father, mother and their kids. However, the time is changing fast and our lifestyle too is changing with time. As a result, the traditional model of an ideal family is changing. Adoptive parents live with their friends and family members and together they form a community for raising the kids.

Single parents or divorced parents seek the help of their parents for raising the children. Such unconventional family set ups have made the presence of a supportive parenting community necessary. Kids love having more than two caring parents. This way they get all the attention and love, they need for a healthy childhood.

There must be a lot of trust among the parents who provide care and support to the kids. Parents who belong to a community take turns to be with the kids. This way each parent gets the chance to complete their other duties and enjoy their individual lives. It has been observed that community parenting creates a stronger bond between the parents and the children. Children learn to understand the needs of their parents and offer space to them.

They never feel insecure due the absence of one or both parents, as the community parents support them in the absence of their biological parents.

All the individuals involved in community parenting must understand their roles as caregivers and communicate clearly about responsibilities. The biological parents can take help from others and form a community for the welfare of their children but they must not take the members of the community for granted.

Community parenting promotes healthy upbringing of your kids. You must not shriek your responsibilities or rely too much on the other caregivers of the community.


Community parenting is helping many parents in raising their kids. This method of parenting involves individuals other than the immediate biological or adoptive parents of the child.

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