Eco-friendly parenting tips to involve in day to day life.

With the arrival of the baby, many things change. It turns the lives of the parents upside down. In this phase of life, being a parent and eco friendly at the same time could be difficult. But if you can wish, you can really act as green by following these eco- friendly parenting tips. Let’s take a look at some of eco-friendly task and tips in involve in day to day life.

Baby Food

One of the biggest tasks is what and how to feed the tiny tots throughout the day. Unlike adults, baby food can also have effect on the environment. You can use those eco-friendly tricks in the kitchen too.

  • The first and foremost tips for green parenting is breastfeeding. We know that breastfeeding is super healthy for your baby and its also eco- friendly, as it has zero environmental effect. You can also go for a set of BPA plastic bottles for freezing the breast milk; it can reduce waste from freeze to pump.
  • Once your baby is capable enough of eating solid food, try giving them homemade food. Some people tend to provide with canned or bottled baby food available in the market which doesn’t promote green environment at all. Homemade food is healthy, easily digestive for the little one and for others in the family too. It cuts down the packaging and the production cost.

Dealing with Diapers

Dealing with DiapersDiapers play an essential part in eco-friendly parenting, and in baby’s growth and health. But we all know that using diapers and then disposing of it can be harmful to the environment, again with little changes and organization, you can opt for these points:-

  • Using cloth diapers– cloth diapers are one of the best options available for the babies. It is safe, soft and suits the baby skin other than the disposable diapers. It is cheap, safe and you can wash it to reuse it again. There are sets of modern cloth diapers available in the market too. It is the much eco-friendly option to reduce the impact of your baby on the environment. And above all, it helps in the working towards a green environment.
  • Baby Wipes– Disposable wipes are dangerous for the environment. There are too many chemicals in it and not at all safe for the baby or the environment. You can cut down its usage by opting for cloth wipes. Go for natural wipes by using your old t-shirt or bed-sheets. It is safe and you can use it again and again. This is one of the best tips for green parenting which will definitely contribute in building green environment.

Laundry stack of tiny tots

Babies can add to the laundry loads, Piles after piles. There is no option for it, but you can limit your washing. You don’t have to wash every cloth which is worn for just half an hour. Some parents tend to wash everything which touches the baby skin for once. It is true that they want to give everything special to their kid. But, you can keep in mind some points while washing clothes as well as help grown up kids to understand that they don’t need to put everything in the laundry bags. You should rather teach your children to care for the environment. Prefer cold water over hot water as it uses lot more energy. Cold water can also save with electricity cost. Let the clothes dry in fresh air instead of machine dry for saving energy.

Reuse and recycle

Reuse and recycleQuite often we say that babies grow faster. Yes, it’s true. And as a result, they grow out of things quickly too. We can pay a little attention while choosing types of equipment and clothes for the little one. Babies grow up fast leaving all things behind. So, it’d be better if you save by simply buying lightly used items, which will get used for a few short months. Reusing is said to be more effective than recycling.

Parenting tips to teach children about caring for the environment

Having fresh fruits and vegetablesWe should teach our kids the importance of preserving the environment at a very early age. As they grow old, they will have a good knowledge of the things. Teaching kids the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle should help them make responsible and confident in the process. We can make them understand these little things by don’t just words but applying it into our everyday routine. Tell them as what to do and what not.

  • Having fresh fruits and vegetables– Ask them to consume more vegetables and fruits instead of junk foods and outside foods. It is healthier and better to digest. Parents should make their children understand the importance of having greens and fruits.
  • To plant more trees and its advantage– Planting more and more trees will make it a perfect place to live. Plants and trees help in making a better environment and improve air quality as well.
  • Play outdoors– Teaching kids the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle is very important. Kids of today are used to play more of indoor games. They are more gadgets friendly. We should teach them importance of playing outside. Let kids get a chance to learn hiking, swimming etc. Ask them to enjoy adventures like a backyard fun, campout session, and hunt games with their friends.
  • Walk as much as possible- Teach your kids to walk as much as possible. There’s no great exercise than having a 1 hour walk daily. It benefits our health in so many ways. it also helps preserve the natural resources by saving on fuel and gases which creates abundant of pollution for the environment.

Going green means to help preserve our environment and sustain its natural resources. A knowledge that can help keeping our environment actually green and benefit our future generation. As it says- “what you sow is what you reap”.


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