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Demystifying the myths of motherhood

Notions about motherhood can be partly true, but the reality is a lot different. Pregnancy and parenting is not a cakewalk. First-time moms expect a lot of things from her motherhood, all of which sadly cannot be fulfilled. This article deals with seven myths that are often associated with pregnancy and motherhood.

Myth 1# Pregnancy will be healthy and glowing

Fact: Pregnancy is associated with lots of physical changes. Pain, tiredness, sore breast, morning sickness, heartburn and backaches are synonymous with pregnancy. With all these conditions, it is difficult to keep glowing and be happy all the times.

Myth 2# An instant bond with your newborn baby

Fact: Some mothers can of course instantly share a deep bond with their baby, but not all. It might take time to adjust with the change. Your relationship with your baby will slowly grow strong, but to expect a feeling of deep love on the very first day can leave you feeling sad and guilty.

Myth 3# Your baby will sleep quietly at night

Fact: This is a common problem that most of the first-time mothers deal with. Most of the babies do not sleep at night. They wake up at the wee hours which disturbs you. This can make you feel irritated and cranky at times.

Myth 4# You will feel deep love for your baby every time

Fact: All mothers love their children. However, it is not necessary for you to feel deep love for your baby 24×7. There can be times when you may feel irritated, sleepless or angry. It is possible that you might not like your child that at that moment. This however does not mean that you do not love your kids any more. Love is a lot more than a mere feeling of joy.

Myth 5# Your friends will remain the same

Fact: Having a baby and becoming a parent can bring a lot of changes in your life. It brings new responsibilities as you have new person in your life to care for. In such situations, your relation with your friends can change. Some of these friends might not like the change and move away from you. This is just a part of life and you have to deal with it. At the same time, you can make many other new friends like other first-time mothers like you or other people who can understand your situation and are willing to help you.

Myth 6# You will soon come back to your pre-pregnancy shape

Fact: This can only happen with celebrities. Real-life mothers become so overwhelmed with the arrival of their child that they rarely get the time to focus on their body. You cannot really follow the lifestyle of a celebrity as they have world-class entouarage. So, face the reality. Do not expect a miracle to happen. Gradually, things will be sorted out and you will be able to manage things in a better way. Then, of course you can think about losing weight and coming back to shape.

Myth 7# Motherhood can fully satisfy you

Fact: Being a mother is a great feeling, but it is not the only thing in a woman’s life. There are only a few women who are fully satisfied with their motherhood. Most of the women need many other important things in life. Having a career, pampering themselves, interest in hobby and spending time with her partner can be the other things that are equally important for a woman. Every woman wants to have her own identity and wants to be someone more than just a mother.

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