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Choosing right home decor can bring the long lost positivity in your life

home decor

Home Decor, or interior designing has an impact on your state of well being, and not just physical but also mental. It doesn’t need a study to confirm this, nor would you have to go see a shrink to get an official opinion- just look at the rise in number of interior decorators or at the choices involved in creating your living space. You’ll find out that home decor definitely has an impact on the subconscious mind.

Everything ranging from the colour and texture to the vibe, visual appeal, and look has an effect on the person’s brain.  Let’s delve into this subject to get a better understanding.

Home is where the heart is

The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ makes absolute sense, especially in this day and age of chaos and fast living. People choose to create a sound interior that not just reflects their personality but also gives them a chance to unwind after leading a chaotic work day. The mood of a house can and does have a soothing effect; some even say as soon as they enter their front door it can change the mood. The personal adobe is the sanctuary a man needs to refresh.


Lighting is a deal breaker for many. Either it has to be perfect or anything would do, but lighting has a strange effect on the mind and the mood. Even the body’s sleep cycle is affected by light. Lately a lot of organic LED lights are in vogue and that is because, apart from saving electricity, they have been found to help relax. Today interior designers spend a major amount of time and energy getting the lighting correct for their prospective clients. Of course, lighting of a house not only means artificial lights and bulb pieces, the properties of natural light and the way it falls on the room is actually a subject in interior designing. A proper psychological well-being means access to lots of sunlight as and per wishes.


Aesthetics and design are one thing- colour is what people see. Many studies have confirmed that colours have a deep impact on the psyche. Kids rooms are often bright and full of strong colours like red and yellow whereas a newly married couple usually goes for subdued tones. This has all got to do with psychological getup of the mind, not just as an individual preference. Designers study colour theories and patterns and create an output based on their evaluations of everything from tone and contrast to vibe and atmosphere. Bright colours denote a light, casual and inviting look whereas dark brooding ones give a more personal and intimate vibe.

The effects of room colour cannot be stated enough- They can relax you, make you agitated if the mood isn’t right, and even have the ability to increase our productivity. No wonder every advertisement on television about home decor has a splash of colour being showcased. It’s a well known fact that everyone who has eyes to see can relate to colour.

Natural earth and holistic elements and their impact

Another popular practice we are seeing is the use of holistic items like organic candles, Buddha statues and waterfalls everywhere. This industry is popular all over the world, especially among the people who desire the state of mindfulness. All this technological evolution has made the individual want to seek refuge in harmony and peace. Feng Shui is a massive industry because it philosophizes the importance of a great interior. It is mentioned in the Feng Shui path that the interior of your home has a direct psychological effect on your mind. The energy flow elements add an extra bit of faith element, which appeals to many people.

Lasting impressions

It can be clearly seen that home decor aspects have a big impact on a person’s mental and physical well being. Everything is interlinked, something that the collective conscious is realizing. This is being seen in the sales of the interior designing industry both small businesses and big corporations. Now there’s evidence to back this up. The aesthetics, design, feel and vibe of an apartment can change one’s life for the good.

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