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Bring the eco-friendly attitude to the mundane job of doing dishes

You may not know it, but the way you wash your dishes can actually have an impact on the environment. While many opt for dishwashers to clean dishes, some opt to hand wash them instead. Irrespective of hand washing your dishes or putting them in the dishwasher, here are some green dishwashing tips that can help you leave a minimal impact on the environment.

Green Washing Tips for your Dishwasher

If you choose to use a dishwasher to wash the dishes, here are some green dishwashing tips that can help you out.

Use a green dishwashing detergent

The dish detergents you normally use are laced with chlorine, artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives and synthetic dyes that make them very non-eco-friendly. With use, these chemicals will release harmful fumes into the atmosphere, harming your health in the process. So skip them entirely and opt for natural alternatives like plant based detergents instead which are not only biodegradable, but safe for your health in the long run as well.

Skip boosting the detergent

If you still prefer to wash your dishes with a detergent, do so. But make sure you don’t keep on adding extra detergent to treat really dirty dishes. If the load is really dirty, add some baking soda with the level of detergent you normally add to the cycle. This will remove dirt, clean the dishes and deodorize them effectively.

Remove glassware spots with vinegar

Spots on glassware and flatware can get hard to remove with just normal cleaning, especially if you are using hard water to wash the dishes. You can use vinegar to rinse the dishes as an alternative to artificially fragranced rinse solutions that are non-biodegradable. You will be amazed at the way your dishes sparkle afterwards.

Opt for a full load wash

It is always considered wise to load the dishwasher to its full capacity before running it. Irrespective of the number of dishes in it, the dishwasher would use the same amount of water and detergent. So run a full load to prevent excess water and energy from being wasted. If you have only a few dishes, hand wash them.

Air Dry the Dishes

Rather than letting the dishes dry inside the dishwasher, open the door just a little bit and let the dishes dry naturally. This will also help you save energy in the process of cleaning your dishes in an eco-friendly manner.

Run the dishwasher during off-peak hours

The community you live in may have off-peak utility hours where you can use the same amount of energy for reduced costs. Consider running the dishwasher during this period to reduce energy usage and the costs related to the same.

Green hand dish washing tips

If you prefer washing your dishes by hand, here are some eco-friendly tips for that too.

Use natural detergents

This is more important in this case as your hands will come in direct contact with the detergent. Using a natural detergent will enable you to save the environment as well as your delicate hands in the process.

Change dish towels and cloths every day

Most of us tend to keep on using the same dish cloths and towels repeatedly. Washing these cloths and towels daily is a necessity as they can attract a lot of dirt, grime and bacteria when drying the dishes. So replace them with a new set of clean towels and cloths every day.

Use baking soda to unclog drains

Rather than using expensive and artificial drain cleaning products, opt for natural baking soda to do the trick. Simply pour a cup of baking soda into the drain and follow it with a vessel of boiling hot water. The drain will unclog in no time and look like new again too.

Use less water for rinsing

Fill the sink only up to the level required while washing the dishes. Don’t keep the tap running while scrubbing the dishes. And opt for low faucet aerators which can reduce the amount of water that flows out of the tap.

Whether you choose to wash your dishes by hand or in a dishwasher, ensure you employ eco-friendly practices to have minimal impact on the environment. These tips will surely help you with the same.

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