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Ancient Arctic Ponds in danger. Global Warming to blame

Global Warming is a burning issue of today. Seminars, meetings, law enforcements are always on to reduce the effect of this vastly increasing problem. But despite of everything every single day the danger is increasing in a slow but sure rate. A new study by the discovery has confirmed the concern. A new study has confirmed that Arctic lakes, which have hosted vivid ecosystems for a long time, are now on the verge of disappearance, causing severe damage to watery echo system all over the world.
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The pond echo systems flourish with moss, algae, and other organisms that need liquid water to live during summer season. These ponds get solid by winter, and again melt for a few months during summers every year. They vary in size, with a meter to several hundred feet of depth. Now these lakes have reached a tipping point, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recently.

The ponds are now exhibiting a peculiar behaviour. Some of them are already dried, some are knee deep, and some have shrinked to tiny puddles. Human globalization is to be blamed, as the definite cause is Global Warming caused by none other than civilized human beings.

While searching for sediments in these drying ponds the researchers earlier dug out the shells of diatoms, microbes that grow protective shells around themselves. The record says that the ponds have been stabled for several thousand years, until 1800s, and then started all problems with the advent of human civilization. New kind of diatoms and mosses took over the pond, undoubtedly the first sign of Global Warming.

But there have been a lot of rain during rainy season in this area than a couple of decades ago. But the excessive heat produced in the summer results in the gradual drying of the ponds in Arctic region. Another picture taken by a satellite confirms that lakes in Alaska are also shrinking. This phenomenon can have very dangerous effect on the echo system altogether. Dr. Larry Hinzman of the University of Alaska said

These shrinking lakes will have a drastic ecological impact, which will reverberate through the northern life cycle

It will hurt migratory waterfall and the people who depend on the lakes for their living. This will certainly continue and probably accelerate for the foreseeable future.

We call ourselves intelligent people. But is this an intelligent behaviour to accelerate our own death sentence by messing up with natural resources? This can be a serious wake up call to every human being. Wake up now, or be prepared to extinct.

Source (Image and Story): National Geographic

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