Stairs are perhaps one of the most neglected zones of any house under renovation. Granted, you might crash down the old stairs and replace it with new ones – but do you ever think the latent potential of your stairs to single-handedly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house? If you strike the right balance between the architectural structure and the visual elements of the stairs in your house, you can end up turning your house into a living paradise. Here are 9 staircase design ideas for each and every kind of homes out there. Have a look.

Go with a host of paintings

Go with a host of paintings

Artworks can make or break the overall appearance of your house. If you hang a cluster of paintings and frames in one corner of your house, the area will look congested. And if you use these incredible pieces sparsely, then the negative space between them will draw more attention.

A great idea is to take the extra artwork that you purchased on impulse and strategically place it overhead and underneath your flight of stairs. This is one of the most classic staircase design ideas. This will not only enhance the staircase zone of your house, but also ensure that all your prized paintings and photographs do not collect dust in the storeroom.

Opt for minimalistic staircase design ideas

Not everyone will want their staircase to be the focal point of attraction in their house. And that is okay. You can impart a classy appearance to your staircase without going overboard as well.

For this, choose a minimalistic element for your staircase. A great example for this can be opting for a single hand railing attached to the side of the stairs in your house. This will retain the simplicity of your staircase while adding a memorable touch to it.

Another great way to go for simple staircase design ideas is to create an illusion to enhance the visual appeal of the staircase and the ceiling. Go for plain, tall beadboards to make your ceiling look taller and spacious.

Switch on your over-the-top style

Switch on your over-the-top style

While some people prefer minimal elements in their homes, some opt to go overboard. If you are one of those folks, then consider the staircase zone of your house for the experiment.

Place a piano at the bottom of the stairs. Hang a huge light fixture overhead. Arrange the trophies and the vases in an immaculate manner. And don’t forget to decorate the wall with a good piece of artwork.

You can go over-the-top around your stairs without worrying about actually going over-the-top. Your staircase is one of the places in the house with which you can play around as much as you like. So, go for it.

Go neutral on the staircase

If you are obsessive about the tidiness and cleanliness of your house, you can achieve that effect partially through the color palette. And remember to spruce up your staircase with it for an excellent effect.

Go for the browns and the whites around your house. Paint your staircase in all-white palette, while adding a hint of brown around the place where the railings are supposed to be.

This staircase will really look like it’s the staircase to the heavens. Go the simple route by opting for pale shades and contrast it with a darker one nearby. Speaking of which…

Plan a pattern

Plan a pattern

If you are looking for some great staircase design ideas, you cannot overlook this one. If your stairs are plain and simple, turn the look up a notch by planning a vibrant pattern around and along the stairway.

Create an unhindered pattern by using a different shades from the same color spectrum to cover the empty space underneath and over your staircase steps.

You can use a wallpaper and stair runner to bring the effect into life. This is also one of the most pocket-friendly staircase design ideas, which will definitely turn your staircase zone appealing without compromising on your budget.

Create an illusion of more space

The area around your staircase is as important as the staircase itself. It is thus crucial to create an illusion that makes your staircase and the surrounding area appear spacious.

To achieve that illusion, place a bright-colored rug in front of the stairs to spice up the color palette of your house. The contrast will help you create the illusion of space and shade.

Try not to block the area around the flight of stairs if you occupy a small house. If your stairway leads to a narrow entry way, add bright colors and storage saving shelves to brighten up the area.

The staircase with the beach vibes

staircase with the beach vibes

If you live anywhere near an ocean or a beach, you can easily use the location as the inspiration for your staircase design ideas.

Go for pastel shades of blue or green for your staircase. And as showpieces, hang a few vintage beach signs that helps the visitors to reminiscence about the young, carefree days of their lives.

Add some picnic baskets to enhance the overall look. If you live in the sunny part of the world, you can convert the beach vibes into sunny vibes. All you need to do is take some inspiration from the outdoors and understand your color palette.

The ladder staircase

If you live in a rustic style house, or planning to redo your house in a rustic style, chances are that the staircase poses a visual hindrance in your attempt to achieve that wood look.

Fret not, you can simply opt for a ladder styled wooden staircase to replace the current one. In fact, a ladder styled staircase is one of the best staircase design ideas that fit into every kind of house.

This is an affordable idea, and it will impart a sense of adventure into your otherwise safe and sound house. Your kids are sure to love going up and down those flight of stairs.

Go classic

classic staircase

When it comes to staircase design ideas, nothing is more magical than the classic combination of black and white. Simply go for the black stairs and white walls to create a jaw-dropping effect.

Another way to use the black and white combination is to go for the chess-inspired staircase. Go either ways, the black and white combination will never fail.

If you are afraid of trying bold staircase design ideas, then taking the classic route is the best thing to do. Add a splash of color to the white walls, and you are set.

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