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8 Things to consider while naming your baby

After a baby is born, the next big challenge for new parents is to give an appropriate name to their newborn. It is a tough and time consuming decision to select a name that will serve as an identity to your tot throughout his life. Read on to find few suggestions that you can consider before naming your baby.

1. Nationality

If you are planning to give a ‘foreign sounding’ name to your baby, then make sure that you choose such a name that is not tough to pronounce or hard to spell. The name should not be a burden on your tot’s shoulder.

2. Namesakes

You can name your child on your father or mother’s names or you can call him with your name followed by junior or II. However, often these names are confusing. The namesakes can lead to unfortunate choice of your baby’s name. Sometimes, the name thus selected may not be appropriate for your baby’s age.

3. Gender

Some parents thinks that they can choose unisexual name for naming their baby even before they are born, where as others think that it will be unfair and psychologically harmful for a child, once he grows up, to be unable to explain which sex his name belongs to.

4. Sounds

The combination of letters in a baby’s name can be good idea, but not always. Alliteration is fine, for example, Tina Turner is a good name. However, names that rhyme, such as Tyrone Cohn or Alice Palace invite teasing.

5. Pronunciation

It is good to think twice before you give a certain name to your baby. Think if you can pronounce it well and if others will be able to pronounce it the same way as you do. Nobody likes having his or her names pronounced incorrectly on regular basis. If you give an unusual name to your baby, then do not expect people to pronounce it correctly. Many people will not be able to get the pronunciation right if it is a unique name.

6. Popularity

Some names are so popular that many kids will have the same name in the classroom. If you have picked some popular name, then do not be shocked to hear the same name in the crowd. The popular names make your child feel as if he is popular as well. Moreover, an uncommon name will make your child feel unique about himself.

7. Nicknames

Many names have shortened forms that you use to call your child during his childhood. Often this name becomes popular in his peer as well and he grows up listening to the same name. However, this could be problematic for him later in his life, to explain people around that his name is not the one with which they call him.

8. Stereotype names

Names such as Adolph and Judas make people feel that the person with such name is boring. People’s minds are psychologically set when it comes to such names. Most names call to mind personality traits or physical traits of the person. So make sure to give your child a name that is well appreciated amongst people.

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