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8 – Easy Tips on How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

There is nothing more satisfying than to roast coffee beans at home. It lets you control the process and delivers a refreshing cup.

When you buy roasted coffee from the stores, you can enjoy only one type. In home-roasting, you can roast in small batches and taste a new blend each day. Thus, you have a better flavor profile. Moreover, this is a great hobby and an excellent way to impress your friends.

Maybe you are interested in home-roasting and have a bunch of questions bubbling in your mind. Roasting becomes more comfortable when you know the basics of how to roast coffee beans.

This blog gives you 8 easy tips for that.

1. Choose the right bean

Choose the right bean

Generally, two types of coffee beans are produced around the world: Arabica and Coffee Robusta. They significantly differ in flavor and taste due to their varied growing conditions.

  • Arabica: It gives a sweet, soft, and slightly sour taste. This is a costlier segment.
  • Robusta: This has more caffeine concentration than Arabica and produces a strong and bitter taste. It is popular due to its low cost.

2. Airflow is vital

Coffee roasting is much more than heating the green beans until they turn brown. Although people tend to give more importance to heating, tandem airflow with heating can only deliver the desired result.

So, you need to ventilate the room. Other than keeping the window open, you must get a fan to induce continuous airflow. Increase the airflow gradually as roasting progresses for a better yield. This will also ward off the smoke and chaff produced.

3. Maintain the roast profile

The style of roasting has a significant influence on the taste and flavor of the final brew. Generally, roasting temperatures of coffee beans vary from 180° to 250°C (356° to 482° F). The process requires twenty minutes maximum. You may adopt any of the followings:

  • Light roast: For this, roast the coffee beans for about seven minutes at 180° to 205°C (356° to 401°F). There will be a cracking sound and the beans will also be almost double of their original size. It delivers a weak and sour final brew.
  • Medium roast: You have to roast for nine to eleven minutes at 210° to 220°C (410° to 428°F). The beans will turn light brown with a drab exterior. It yields a balance of acidity, aroma, and flavor and makes an excellent final coffee.
  • Dark roast: This is for people who love a strong brew. You have to roast the beans for twelve to thirteen minutes at 225° to 230°C (437° to 446°F). Remove the beans after the second cracking sound. The final brew has a dense, full-body flavor with a spicy touch.
  • Extra dark roast: Roasting for about fourteen minutes 240° to 250°C (464° to 482°F). Roast till just before the beans tend to turn to ashes. This gives a bitter, strong and smoky taste.

4. Cool the roasted beans quickly


Remove the beans from the heating source when you are happy with the roasting. You should cool it fast as otherwise; it will tend to lose taste. You may spread them on a cookie sheet. Remember that the roasted beans will be boiling.

Be careful against burning yourself. You can also use a filter or can place them on a metal grate with a fan underneath.

5. Degas after roasting

During roasting gases – mainly carbon dioxide – generates inside the beans. Degassing the roasted beans is essential for obtaining the desired flavor. Place the cool beans in the storage container and keep the lid slightly open for a few hours. Never go beyond 24 hours. This will complete the process.

6. Different ways of roasting at home

If you do not have a coffee roasting machine, you may use any of the following methods:

  • Roast on a frying pan
  • Use a Popcorn maker
  • Roast beans in the oven
  • Roast on the BBQ

7. Store properly

Proper storage of roasted coffee beans is a vital factor for getting the desired taste and flavor. You must keep it in a non-reactive airtight container and keep them in the cupboard. It will prevent them from exposure to air, moisture, heat, and sunlight.

8. Take safety precautions


You must ensure safety irrespective of the equipment and methods you use for roasting the beans. Keep the room well ventilated. Never leave the roaster. Coffee oils and chaffs flammable can generate severe fire and smoke. Always keep a fire extinguisher ready within easy reach.


The above tells you different ways of roasting coffee beans and all that you ought to know. Now that you have the insight get green coffee beans and roast them at home like a pro. This will enrich your experience with coffee.

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