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7 Tips to deal with defiance in toddlers

You may get up early one morning to find your toddler screaming at the top of his voice for no reason. Nothing can stop him at that particular moment, not even his favorite food or toy. It is usual for toddlers to behave this way and this is something that all parents need to be prepared for. One should choose an appropriate way to take hold of the situation.This will determine the future upbringing for your toddler. This is actually the temper tantrum of your kid.

Many parents often get perplexed about how they should instill discipline in their toddler. The difficult part is that many toddlers are too agile and extremely inquisitive about everything around them. Often parents are found to repeat their own verbatim to toddlers a number of times. A toddler is often found to stop for a short moment giving an illusion that he or she has completely understood what the parent has advocated and then he again returns to continue with the mischief. Get to know how you can deal with this defiance in your toddler. Read on.

1. Maintain your calm

One thing that you must need to remember as a parent is always try to remain cool. You don’t let your toddler see that you have been affected by his behavior. When you react badly to the kid’s act, this will only lead to further temper tantrums. He or she will only stop for a few minutes and then continue to do the very thing that the parent had forbade him to do.

2. Watch your own behavior

Many parents often wonder how to teach toddlers good behavioral skills. Toddlers imbibe the behavioral skills of their parents. They often take cues from your behavior, so if you are upset your toddler will also become agitated. They take up your mannerisms, dealings, and with time they even pick up the accent and words.

3. Ignore

When a toddler acts in an inept manner it is wise to stay calm and redirect the toddler’s energy. It is indeed incredible as how a toddler can act seriously by throwing himself on the ground, kicking, biting, screaming etc. As a universal rule, these sudden occurrences are better to ignore as long as the toddler doesn’t physically harm himself. You have to show the toddler that you are an understanding parent.

4. Crying is normal

Toddlers often throw tantrums to get his/her way. It is also important to remember that a toddler has one common language of crying. A toddler does not have a great vocabulary so he or she cries when things cannot be explained properly. The best thing to do during these situations is to ignore. Remember that crying wildly is only a phase and the storm will pass if ignored.

5. Scolding is not a solution

Scolding or taking punitive measures for your toddler is actually a fruitless act. All this will teach the toddler to be aggressive with others in future. It is important to give the essential reminders which will be worth for the transition of your kid in future.

6. Reward for good behavior

You should not always act in a negative manner and, sometimes, do try to reward your child for his behavior. Toddlers remember this acceptance of goodness for long. It should be explained that you do not want to control the child but the negative behavior. This will reinforce good behavior.

7. Do not be harsh

Whenever a toddler is in the worst of moods, try not to be too harsh. Do not set rules, rather give him or her certain options. If she wants a fur doll, you can give another toy to calm down the child or give an option of taking an ice cream or going to the park.

Learning to handle rebelliousness and behavioral problems in children is something that all parents and caretakers have to face at some point of time. Mimicking the toddler is the worst way of dealing with temper tantrums. This will make the situation worse. Dealing with a defiant toddler may be difficult and a frustrating task but remember that all parents have to face this. If one can groom the child’s behavior at this stage then his future will be secure and it will make him strong to face challenging situations.

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