6 Tips to help you kids overcome the feeling of anxiety

It breaks the heart of parents when they see their kids struggling with chronic anxiety. Parents want their kids to be happy. When they get to know that their kids are going through a rough phase in their lives, they wish they could be change places with them. However, if parents keep their can actually help their kids overcome anxiety. Let us have a look how you can help your kids handle anxiety:

Talk to them

Mother and son eating apples and having some conversation together on floor in their home

When you know your kids are having some trouble you must take an initiative to talk to them and listen to them carefully. Most of the times, it is not the problem but the inability to share it with anyone that keeps killing you deep down inside. Create an environment where each family member can share their troubles and take advice. Do not hesitate to share their own problems when your kids can be there to support you.

Encourage them to face their troubles head on

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It is important that you be there when your kids need you the most. You must make them aware that they need to be strong in the face of hardships. They always have an option to avoid their problems but that would only worsen the situation. Tell them that they must have full faith in their abilities. You do not have to solve their problems but give them the strength to carry on and get proactive in life. Younger kids can learn the art to handle anxiety from your real life examples.

Set realistic expectations

Set realistic expectations

When your kids are going through a rough phase in life, you must tell them that they can handle their problems. Do not set expectation they cannot match, as it will further enhance their worries. They must know that you would always be there to support, no matter what. Parents must make it clear that they expect their kids to give their best and would never hate or ignore them even if they fail. They must learn from their mistakes and get better with time.

Ask them to shift their attention on positive aspects

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When you have a negative frame of mind, you close your eyes to the gifts you have in your life. Kids need someone to tell them that there is always a hope for better tomorrow. You must help them notice good things in their lives and tell them that each individual goes through bad times in life. Help them recall times when they faced their problems in the past and came out as winners.

Keep yourself calm and composed

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Parents must learn to keep themselves calm when their kids share their troubles with them. Tell them that it is all right and they have to pull themselves together. Kids feel a sense of control when they know their parents are calm and are there to help them. It is quite difficult to see your kids crying or fearful but you should be there to give them the strength to move on in life.

Do not help them avoid their troubles

Sharing secrets with mom. Happy mother and daughter sharing secrets while sitting at home together

Parents find it hard to see their kids in pain and often help their kids avoid the situation, which may be a good solution but not a permanent one. It may look like a good solution for a while but that can never let you solve the problem. It may convey a wrong message to your kids. They may learn to avoid their problems and use it as a defense mechanism whenever they face a problem in future. Help them face their troubles.

Younger kids are often anxious about going to school or older ones may be troubled by the fear of getting flunk in exam but there is always a way out. Help your child look at the positives aspects of everything and tell them that instead of getting worried they must learn to take control in their hands.


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