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5 Tech Gadgets That Make Great Xmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and if there are a few people on your gift list that you have no idea what to get, rather than spending half the day browsing shopping malls, here are a few tech gadgets that every recipient would love.

 1. Digital Photo

Digital Photo frame

It might look like an ordinary picture frame, but the screen shows the images you put on a memory stick, automatically changing every few minutes. This is a great gift for someone who sits in an office all day, as they can sit the device next to their in-tray and enjoy their favourite images. The memory capacity allows for thousands if images to be stored, and it is also a form of back-up for treasured photos you don’t want to lose.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying price tags, and you can even buy waterproof units to listen to music while in the shower. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better the sound quality, and most units will play for 6-8 hours before needing a charge. Stylish blue and pink for the ladies, with tough units for the outdoor guy, this is the ideal gift for a music lover, as they plan listen to their favourite songs anywhere. If you are a little short of money leading up to the festive season of giving, talk to Nimble in Australia, a leading online lender with many loan packages. There are certain people that we simply must buy an Xmas gift, and don’t let a shortage of cash get in your way, rather search online for a leading finance company.

3. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

While these might be a trifle costly, if you can afford it, Airpods are a great gift that allows the wearer to listen to high-quality music, and with noise-cancelling features and seamless Bluetooth connection, who wouldn’t be over the moon with Apple’s best seller?

4. Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Great for the car, a rechargeable mini-vacuum is not only powerful, it can get into those hard to reach places between the seats. They generally run for an hour before needing a recharge, and some units are designed to stay in the car, with a bracket that you can stick somewhere in the interior. Here is an article that showcases Samsung devices, which is worth checking out.

5. GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Device

This handy little gadget could be in your wallet or on your car keys, and with a smartphone app, you can locate the item. A great gift for a person who habitually loses things, and there are a range of shapes and sizes, with varying ranges and prices, but there will come a day when the device really does save the day! Here is some Covid-19 tracking information about expected roll-outs in Australia to combat the virus.

As we near the season of giving, if your bank balance is a bit low, search online for a leading Australian lender who would have a loan package that suits you. 

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