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5 Facts about tummy cramps during pregnancy

Tummy cramps during pregnancy are quite common. Tummy cramps can be quite annoying and make you feel tired all day long. At times it might just be a normal affair but in some cases tummy cramp might be signaling some serious trouble like miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Tummy cramps coupled with some other symptoms like bleeding, backache, pelvic region pain, etc can be disturbing and need immediate attention. It is important for you to know all about tummy cramps and risks that come along with them. However it is advised not to get tensed every time you get tummy cramps as it is very normal. Take sufficient rest to keep tummy cramps at bay. Read to know all about tummy cramps.

1. It is normal to experience tummy cramps

Feeling tummy cramps during pregnancy is completely normal and you must not worry about them unnecessarily. Aches and pains in and around the belly region are very common during pregnancy. The cramps are felt because of the pressure that is put on the muscles by the weight of the baby. Do not get worried, just take sufficient rest and ask your doctor for certain exercises that might prove to be beneficial.

2. It is possible to ease cramps

You do not have to bear the tummy cramps all through your pregnancy. They can be easily eased with certain exercises and other tricks. Basically when you are pregnant the tough tissues called ligaments tend to stretch, these ligaments connect the bones of the body with each other. During movements, cramps are caused in body due to this stretching. The cramps are more common on the right side of the body as the uterus tilts to the right side during pregnancy. In order to ease the cramps you must try sitting down or lie down on the bed on the side opposite to the paining side of the body. It can ease the cramps to a major extent. A warm bath or hot water bottle can also ease the pain. Sex during pregnancy can also increase the cramps, it is thus advisable to go slow and soft during sex when you are pregnant. A back massage post sex can also ease the pain.

3. Sometimes pregnancy might not be the cause

It is not important that all cramps are pregnancy related. There could be some other reason of your plight. Tummy cramps could signal some other problem in your body like kidney stones, appendicitis, gall bladder problem or even a urinary tract infection. Fibroids in uterus can also cause stomach cramps. Keep your doctor informed about all your health related issues and follow his advice. Do not avoid tummy cramps if they do not go away even after minutes of rest and hot water application. Tummy cramps coupled with spotting or bleeding, tenderness, vomiting, fever, chills, etc need immediate doctor’s attention. You might be facing some other problem that might need doctor’s help.

4. Tummy cramps coupled with other signs needs to be double checked

Tummy cramps in the first trimester need not be a cause of concern unless you are suffering some other symptoms as well. However in case you are also facing some other issues you need to seek immediate doctor’s help. Tummy cramps along with bleeding and pain in the lower belly’s center might be signaling miscarriage. You must call your doctor for help immediately. In such a situation tummy cramps need to be taken very seriously to avoid miscarriage due to poor development of baby. It could also be signaling ectopic pregnancy wherein the baby develops outside the uterus. This condition demands swift treatment. The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are tummy cramps coupled with tenderness along with bleeding.

Simply having tummy cramps is not a cause of concern however tummy cramps teamed with other issues demand serious attention. However, slight chances of late miscarriage might be a cause of tummy cramps, coupled with bleeding during the second trimester. Late miscarriages are very uncommon but still you cannot take any risk thus it is advisable to seek doctor’s help.

5. Tummy cramps in last trimester can signal premature birth

Tummy cramps during the last trimester might be signaling an early or premature labor. Tummy cramps might be signaling that the body is limbering for an early birth. It is not important for the cramps to be signaling that you are about to deliver baby, it might just be a false alarm. Keep your doctor informed about your situation. If there are any other issues like backache, diarrhea and pain in the pelvic region you must rush for doctor’s help.

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