5 Bizarre things kept in museums for display

  1. Britain’s Oldest Brain

Britain’s Oldest Brain

Image Source : YorkArchaeology.Co.Uk The York Archaeological Trust during an excavation at Heslington, York discovered an amazing skull with two attached vertebrae and a bright yellow spongy material at its base. Sonia O’connor from the Archaeological Sciences, Bradford confirmed that this was nothing else but the skull’s brain which has remained undamaged for reasons unknown. Radiocarbon dating discovered that the skull belonged to man of 6th century BC and was about 2,600 years old. It is supposed that age of the man was between 26-45 years and he was being killed and then immediately buried under wet, clay rich ground free from oxygen.
  1. The 30 foot Long Tapeworm

30 foot Long Tapeworm

Image Source : Bp.BlogSpot.Com At the museum of Parasitology, in Tokyo, Japan, you would be surprised to see a 30 foot long tapeworm that was obtained from the stomach of a woman.
  1. Love-Bites at the Museum of Broken Relationships

Image: Agarter belt is displayed at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

Image Source : MsnbcMedia.Msn.Com This unique and of its kind museum was being awarded as the “most innovative” museum at the European Museum Awards in 2011. It is situated in Zagreb and is the only private-funded museum in the city. It was founded by Olinka and Drazen Grubisic in 2006 and originally displayed the remains of a four year old relationship between the two. Amongst the various interesting things in the museum is a pair or garters with a note that says “I have never put them on. May be if I had, the relationship would have lasted longer.”
  1. Adopt a Skull

Mutter Museum Philadelphia

Image Source : MutterMuseum.Org The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia consists of several bizarre displays, most famous of which is the group of 139 skulls. These skulls were collected by Joseph Hyrti in the 1800s. From the famous tightrope walker to the well known Finnish sailor who died out of gunshot wounds, each of these 139 skulls has a unique story for its visitors to know and fascinate about.
  1. The Blood of San Gannaro

The Blood of San Gannaro

Image Source : Iitaly.Org According to legends, San Gannaro was the Bishop of Naples at around 300 A.D. he was being put to death by Emperor Diocletian. However, a woman called Eusebia was successful to preserve the Bishop’s blood in a vial. Astonishingly, once in every year the blood liquefies miraculously. It is believed that odd things happen when the blood does not liquefy. The occurrence of the World War II and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the year 1944 are two such disasters that occurred when the blood didn’t liquefy. From the living brain to the bizarre bishop blood, these weird displays will leave you completely amazed and wondering.]]>


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