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11 best practices to keep your family together

<![CDATA[Keeping your family together is as important as achieving success or earning your living. What really could we achieve without having our family by our side? Let us have a look at 11 best ways to strengthen the family bond:

Quality Time with family

When you go back home after a long tiring day, do not sit in your cosy corner with TV remote control, instead take a step ahead and spend some quality time with your family members.  A simple phrase like ‘how was your day today’ would not be bad at all to start with. (Image)

Eat meals together

If not anything else, make it a family rule to have your meals together. It will give you all a reason to sit together and talk. Having your meals together reinforces communication. (Image)

Understand your child’s need

Understand your child’s needs without them saying it. Being parents is one of the toughest jobs in the world but it all comes easy if you keep it natural and full of fun. (Image)

Have fun

Family means love, happiness and hope. Enjoy, and have a lot of fun with your family members, be it playing badminton or football together or a simple task of cleaning your house. It would not only bring you all closer but would surely enhance the mutual trust. (Image)

Family is all about teamwork

The motive is to stick together and share happiness with each other. If needed, make some sacrifices for the sake of the family. Parents work hard all day long but a beautiful smile on their child’s face makes them forget all worries. (Image)

Family statement

Create a family statement and stick it in your house where it is visible to all. It would definitely bring all the family members on the same platform. It could be a simple statement, which allows you to express your love for each other. (Image)

Have family meetings

Having family meetings would make you responsible for your acts. Family meetings could be there to plan a birthday party or a family picnic, or even for some important discussion that affects the lives of all family members. (Image)

Encourage support of each other

We should appreciate every bit of help from each family member. There would be times when you have to be the one who takes an initiative but it would only encourage others to follow you. (Image)

Take time out for yourself

It is important to take out time for yourself occasionally. You deserve a break just to prepare yourself for a pillow fight with your kids. You surely do not want to miss the smile on their faces when you willingly chose to lose against them. (Image)

Become involved in your teens interests

Even if nothing seems to be the outcome, try to be a part of your child’s play. Do not let those beautiful moments pass by. Remember once gone these moments would never come back. Enjoy, be a child with them. (Image)

Choose to stay together

No matter what, stay together, be a part of your family especially in hard times. If you do so, you would set an example for your kids. Imagine how life would be without having support and love of your family. Love them and tell them out aloud when you get a chance. (Image)]]>

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