Healthcare Human Resources (HR)

There is a snowballing request that people should be appreciated as clienteles. Also, quality services should be provided in an unselfish and resourceful way and at reasonable rates. This is true for exterior as well as interior customer relationships. Besides external relations, the healthcare managers are also accountable for the welfare of their internal relations. When internal customers are happy, internal operations function well and thus contribute to attainment of the common goal.

Healthcare Human Resources (HR) thus plays a very significant role in safeguarding that the people of their organization are satisfied with their company policies, performance and pay scale. The operations manager needs to provide leadership, build teams, open opportunities, motivate performance, encourage change, support knowledge sharing, innovation and maintain a sound work environment.

With appropriate training the operations and HR managers will be able to showcase high morals of administrative aids. The programs at Dr Prem aim at helping these professionals to gain knowledge and hands on experience by case solving and group discussions. Some of the regions that gets touched upon are recruitment, training, communication skills, leadership and motivational skills, performance appraisal, conflict resolution, decision making and more.