Dr Prem a Chartered Marketing Consultant


As a chartered Healthcare Marketing Consultant, Dr Prem is a distinguished Healthcare Marketing Consultant who provides high‐profile consultancy services to Government authorities and private healthcare organizations.

Dr Prem usually builds up an individualized Healthcare Marketing agenda designed to strengthen your organization’s position in this ever speedy marketplace.

Dr Prem helps one to learn more about your customers and prospective clients in order to assist you to respond to their needs and to visualize the products and services they will want in the future.

This methodology attracts newer customers and increases the existing customer loyalty, ultimately increasing the healthcare sales.

Dr Prem translates clients’ business vision into reality as his work is drawn from the deep knowledge about the Healthcare space as well as his far‐reaching association of relationships with healthcare stakeholders across a particular region.

Dr Prem has consulted group organizations with a total of over 100 hospitals across the globe. Dr Prem believes in building networks which is ever important to establish the right linkages which are effectual and individualized.

Dr Prem understands the needs of his clients and helps them to identify opportunities in integrative healthcare and to classify approaches to this ever up‐and‐coming market as he has an in‐depth knowledge and practical experience in the field.

Dr Prem has a great understanding about marketing, ethical, legal and cultural issues in consulting services as he lays heavy importance on how best to embrace new opportunities in the market.

Dr Prem Jagyasi has established repute for an advanced client service and innovative results‐oriented solutions. The focus is on helping clients grasp new opportunities and optimize their achievements in an emergent healthcare marketplace.

Dr Prem has access to resources that helps us provide our clients with a leading edge point of view and more adaptability than many other consulting groups.

Dr Prem creates exclusive policies to ensure the contribution of all the imperative stakeholders and develops touch points to enhance his clients’ brand equity. Dr Jagyasi is dedicated to create a spirited improvement in health care.

Dr Prem’s Healthcare Marketing Consultancy Services