Dr Prem and Wellness Tourism Consultancy Services

Dr Prem and associates based in 35+ countries provide comprehensive wellness tourism consultancy services to various wellness therapy centres, wellness hotels, spas, resorts, wellness facilitators and wellness tourism stakeholders. Dr Prem and team have worked across the globe with over 150 international companies. Please contact us today for more details.

Innovation and wellness product development consultancy

  • Wellness Tourism provider consultancy services
  • Wellness Tourism Destination Branding Consultancy
  • Wellness Tourism Relationship Management Services
  • International Patient Department and Quality of Care Consultancy Services


Wellness Tourism Marketing Consultancy Services

  • Identifying, Segmenting and Targeting Potential Markets in Wellness Tourism
  • Promotion services through wide network of websites, magazines and social connections
  • Wellness Tourism Brand Building Services
  • Wellness Tourism Knowledge Management Program.

Wellness Tourism Web and Technology Services

  • Creation and development of Wellness Tourism Driven websites
  • Wellness Tourism Technology Development like Web app, mobile app
  • Wellness Tourism SEO and Social Media Marketing Services
  • Wellness Tourism Online Reputation Management Services


Wellness Tourism Facilitator Consultancy Services

  • Comprehensive Wellness Tourism Facilitator business planning services
  • Strategic Marketing and Relationship management services
  • Networking and Business expansion support
  • Understanding Legal, Cultural and Ethical Barriers in facilitator business