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Young woman relaxing in a sauna

Best wellness tourism retreats in Costa Rica

Planning a perfect retreat for the holidays with wellness on your mind? An ideal vacation that not only thrills the ...

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Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Knowing about Estrogen Replacement Therapy and how it can help you

Estrogen Replacement Therapy has been the subject of strong debates for quite some time now. While some consider it as ...

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Bacteriophagetherapy 1

Bacteriophagetherapy: An Amazing Alternative to Antibiotics in the treatment of MRSA and several other conditions

The increased movement away from antibiotics and towards alternative treatment options has brought back a treatment that has been for ...

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pain in the feet

Natural and alternative treatment options for diabetic neuropathy

Defined as the damage caused to the nerve fibers in the body, diabetic neuropathy is a condition that is side ...

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alternative treatment options for menopause

Effective natural and alternative treatment options for menopause

Every woman will experience menopause at a point of time in her life. Menopause is said to occur when a ...

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Using Oriental Medicines to Treat Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are chronic disorders that are almost impossible to cure and very difficult to handle. Although the symptoms of ...

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Wellness Trends 2016

4 Awesome Wellness Trends to look out for in 2016

With nearly ¾ of the world’s population showing some sign of stress or the other on a daily basis, it ...

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Medical technical assistent preparing scan of knee with MRI

Tips to Develop an Effective Business plan for Medical Tourism

The increasing demand for medical tourism has led to the rise of several medical tourism businesses around the world. Setting ...

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rash on neck isolated on white background

Treat eczema naturally with these essential oils

Introduction Eczema, a common form of skin disorder arising due to hyperactivity of the autoimmune system of the body, is ...

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medical assessments

Wellness retreats going the extra mile with medical assessments

Most of the wellness retreats are fast adopting an essential part of healing and recovery of their clients. Now, it ...

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Hypnotherapy technique

Mind and body wellness : Hypnotherapy techniques to help you refocus

Introduction Hypnosis through conversation draws its strength from the choice of words used. As a professional hypnotist, you need to ...

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boy sick

Alternative approach can work wonders when dealing with allergies

Finding good supplements for allergies can be challenging task. If you are prone to seasonal allergies, then there are plenty ...

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