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The Amusing Angry Bird Activity Parks

Angry bird Park

Angry Birds, one of the most famous mobile and video games, have started building activity parks at different places around the world. Their motto is to help the kids have fun with their favorite Angry Bird characters, while getting good amount of physical activity. The Angry Birds app has been created by a Finnish computer game developing company, the Rovio ...

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Budgeting in sports tourism

Budgeting in sports tourism touches multiple areas ranging from cost of air tickets to your destination and back home, hotel rentals, inland transportation tariff, your tour agent’s charges, expenses on food, beverage and sightseeing in case there are places of interests to look around, and off course most importantly the cost of match tickets and stadium entry fees for the ...

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Things to do post sports tourism

Experiences and exposures to sensational sports events like FIFA World cup soccer, world cup cricket and Olympic Games are simply mind blowing. The aftermath and the powerful impact stay on with you for quite some time even after the actual event is over. The exciting spectacles that you have witnessed, the lessons that you have learned off the field and ...

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Precautions in Sports Tourism

Sports tourism arouses an international interest all at a point of a specific time span among the world population. However, ‘interest’ is too weak a word to describe the scale of passion and frenzy the events like The Olympics, World Cup Cricket and FIFA World Cup soccer inspires. Emotions and intense love for the competing nations dominate over rational thinking. ...

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