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Tips to guide medical tourists through the Medical Visa process

Medical Visa

The Medical Visa (MV) is a visa medical tourists would need to get before visiting the preferred destination for their treatment. This temporary visa would allow medical tourists to travel to the specific country for treatment as well as consultations. The MV would be issued based on preliminary medical advice from the patient’s country of residence. The visa period would be for the duration of the treatment or for 1 year in general, (the lesser period would be taken into consideration). The individual accompanying the patient would be provided with a Medical Attendant Visa as well. Both individuals would need to register with the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) of the country within 14 days of their arrival.


Individuals requiring a medical visa would need to satisfy certain criteria that may vary from country to country. Some of the more common requirements include:

A health and character check that lets officials know that the medical tourist in question has no police records in his/her name back home and does not have a contagious medical condition that could endanger the public.

Medical tourists would also need to provide enough evidence about their financial status to ensure authorities at the provider destination that they can support themselves while in the country for treatment.

Details regarding the treatment and travel expenses, treatment duration (including post treatment recovery) and expenses related to the medical attendant would also need to be provided.

Medical Visa Process

Getting a medical visa would need the medical tourist to follow the guidelines mentioned below which would be common for the process in most countries.

Step #1

The visa type you choose would depend on the specific reason for your visit (in this case it would be a medical visa or MV). Be sure you do not confirm the booking for the treatment as processing times would vary with different visa applications. So check the processing time before planning your travel.

Step #2

Fill the details required in the online application form and download it. Print it out along with the checklist of requirements needed for the MV. Sign the application as well as the checklist at all the required places. Make sure the application is complete as incomplete applications would be rejected.

Step #3

You would be required to pay some amount of money towards visa processing fee. Find out how much you would need to pay for the MV as well as the different payment options available so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Step #4

The MV would require certain specifications for your photos. Alternatively, you can choose to have your photos taken at the Photo Booth Services that would be available at the Visa Application Centers.

Step #5

Based on your jurisdiction, submit your visa application by courier or through a travel agent.

Step #6

You would need to wait for some time for your visa to be processed. You can track the application online. Transit times would also need to be considered and can vary according to public holidays in different destinations.


Patients wishing to travel abroad for medical treatment would need to apply for a medical visa in order to travel to the specific medical tourism destination. These guidelines would help walk medical tourists through the medical visa process seamlessly.

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