Medical Tourism – Traveling abroad for medical treatment

The rise in health care cost in the developed countries has urged the normal class people to fly abroad to avail the required treatment. The health care facilities in the developed countries have not only touched new heights, they have also impressed many of the citizens from developed countries. The cost of availing medical care in these countries is much less than the cost in the developed countries. The waiting period is also less in the countries providing medical tourism facilities as it has become a business opportunity for them. The tourists are attracted towards the facilities, modern equipment and skillful doctors available in the countries that offer medical tourism. Starting from dental care to breast augmentation, many people from developed countries depend on India, Thailand, and Latin America.


There are a lot of reasons for a patient to plan a treatment abroad. However, it has been believed that price is a major factor that persuades foreign patients to visit a place for treatment. Let us discuss few factors that make the patient decide to visit a country that offers medical tourism.


Price can only be the main concern for the middle class society of the developed countries to visit developing countries for health care. It has been found out that the cost of medical care in the developing countries are at least one fourth to one tenth less than US or other western developed countries. Dental care and cosmetic surgery are the main medical concerns that are pretty cheap in places that offer medical tourism, such as India, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.


The medical tourism hubs have employed many of certified nurses and skillful doctors to serve the patients with utmost care and efficiency. The doctors in major tourist hospitals do not hesitate giving ample time to each and every patient to understand the problem a patient is going through. Unlike the hospitals in US, patients are not made to wait month long to get a mere appointments. In these medical tourism hospitals, patients can even get surgery slots in a very easy and hassle-free way.


It is believed that things available at a lower cost offer not so very good quality. However, it is completely the other way round for the medical tourism hospitals. They try their level best to offer the foreign patients the best they can offer. If the medical trip is well planned, then the tourist may end up saving a lot of money after the trip and after getting cure of course.


Doctors often advise to change the atmosphere for it is beneficial for human health. If a patient opts for medical tourism, he will be definitely benefited from the tour as he would get an exceptional chance to visit new countries and experience new culture.

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