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Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) – Common Medical Tourism Procedures

EGG Cytoplasm


Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an in vitro procedure that is usually performed to treat male fertility problems.   A single sperm is injected into the cytoplasm (center) of egg (oocyte) that may result in fertilization and a couple can have their own child.

Additional information about the procedure

Preparation for the procedure

Couple needs to undergo certain tests for the medical evaluation.

During the procedure

  • First the female partner is given hormonal medication to stimulate the production of several eggs. The eggs are then removed from woman’s ovaries by egg retrieval procedure.
  • At the same time the semen sample is collected from the male partner who has been refrained from sexual intercourse for several days before the retrieval.
  • From the semen sample several sperm are selected and collected through the process called semen washing. After this preparation a single sperm is injected in to the centre (cytoplasm) of the egg by hollow glass needle. Same process is done for every healthy egg received. These eggs are then placed in a cell culture expecting the further development.
  • Following successful fertilization and embryo development, one or more embryos will be transferred in to woman’s uterus. She is than checked for early signs of pregnancy at regular intervals.


A woman may have side effects of hormonal medications.


ICSI procedure is usually performed to help:

  • Couples facing infertility where the male partner have problem related to sperm’s quantity or quality.
  • couples with history of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization
  • Infertility due to women having obstructed fallopian tubes
  • Infertility due to unknown causes.

Travelers guide

The ICSI procedure is performed in laboratory and generally no major risk are associated with egg retrieval process.  However a woman may have slight discomfort during the needle insertion for egg retrieval and she can resume the normal activity shortly after. Tourists are recommended to plan staying for long period or as suggested by the concern fertility doctor.

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