A guide to Medical Tourism

The term medical tourism is as ancient as tourism itself. In ancient times, instead of traveling overseas, people used to travel remote monasteries for treatment. However, with the progress in modern medicines, recovering or healing from body ailments is not so much a matter of trust as having access to the premium medical facilities and affordability.


Dental tourism

Dental tourism is a part of medical tourism and it is also known as dental vacations. It is a quickly growing division of the larger medical tourism sector. The universal flow in this sector sees patients from developed countries like the UK, the US, Australia and Ireland seek dental care in developing countries like India, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Peru and Slovenia. This flow of patients from the First World countries to developed countries represents a huge savings for patients in terms of overall cost of treatments as well as savings made through currency exchange rates.


Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism can be referring as a wide concept that goes beyond mare absence of illness. Wellness comes out to be a form of healthcare that focuses more on prolonging life, preventing diseases than curing ailments and improving the quality of life. In comparison to conventional and alternative medicine practices, wellness seeks to make changes to a patient’s lifestyle and to provide them with the tools that would prevent them from falling quarry to lifestyle diseases in the future.

Massage Therapies - Hacking

Spa Tourism

This industry is closely related to health tourism and wellness tourism. Spa treatments have deep psychological benefits on patients, such as massage, facial and similar cosmetic treatment helps in restoring their self-confidence. The main advantage of spa tourism remains the fact that it blends more flawlessly with mainstream tourism that includes medical tourism, wellness tourism and health tourism.

Alternative wellness tourism is all about travelling for healthcare treatments and availing substitute therapies and medicines. Complimentary medical tourism is sub category of medical tourism. It is the mixture of western medicine and alternative practices used to treat patients in the best probable way. On the other hand, integrated medical tourism is about travelling beyond the boundaries in search of therapies that use least toxic, least, invasive and least costly method.

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