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5 Reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers for Medical Tourists in Thailand

Thailand happens to be one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. While the country has been popular for medical treatments, it has slowly started gaining recognition as a premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation destination for individuals who want to kick these habits for good. So if you are headed to Thailand for some ‘rehab tourism’, here are the top 6 retreats you need to visit.

The Cabin Chiang Mai

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Considered as the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Addiction and Rehab center in Asia, the Cabin Chiang Mai Retreat is located in northern Thailand. The retreat sits on the shores of a beautiful river and uses exemplary rehab services aimed at helping individuals deal with substance abuse as well as the myriad mental health issues that accompany the condition, including anxiety and depression.The retreat treats individuals on an in-patient basis and offers the best in terms of addiction treatment in the country.

The Hope Rehab Center

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Located on top of a hillside that overlooks the sea, the Hope Rehab Center offers a rather peaceful environment for individuals to stay in while undergoing rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction. The affordable retreat also doubles as a detox facility and offers programs that are customized to suit individual patient needs and conditions. These programs aim at restoring the body’s natural physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing via a range of scientifically proven methods and concepts.

The DaraCenter for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Retreat

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Deemed to be one of Asia’s most popular destinations for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, the Dara Center for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation extends its services to patients from more than 50 countries around the world. The retreat makes use of a personalized and yet, comprehensive approach to recovery with the help of internationally certified therapists and exemplary, but affordable rehabilitation solutions.

The Slam Rehab Retreat

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Located in NakhonSawan, the Slam Rehab allows individuals to recover from their addiction in the midst of spectacular caves, scenic rivers, beautiful waterfalls and stunning national parks. The unspoilt views of the surrounding regions allow one to also enjoy a part of Thailand that one would never have seen before. Slam Rehab offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program that includes more therapy and counselling sessions than any other retreat in Asia.

The programs are also tailor made to suit individual preferences and conditions. Another highlight of the retreat is it’s unique initiative to include partners during the final stage of the program, thus allowing one’s loved ones to play an important role in his/her recovery process.

Serenity – Samui Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

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Thailand is home to the Serenity-Samui Drug and Rehabilitation Center which boasts of being one of the best and most preferred rehabilitation retreats for international clients. The retreat offers a world class addiction treatment for very affordable costs. The services are highly personalized considering the fact that the retreat welcomes only 8 clients at a time. This is probably why the Serenity –Samui is known worldwide for its effective and affordable rehabilitation programs.

The WatThamkrabok Detoxification Retreat

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It is a known fact that the WatThamkrabok Detoxification Retreat in Thailand has one of the toughest and most grueling drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the world. The retreat focuses on the sacred act of Sajja, a vow that would prevent individuals from getting addicted to substances again. The Sajja vow will help one attain the perfect balance between his/her will power and physical/mental wellbeing. The act is supported by the retreat’s use of unique herbal medicines to aid in detoxifying the body, mind and soul effectively.

Rehabilitation retreats are becoming increasingly popular these days. These retreats in Thailand are considered as the best and most popular rehabilitation centers in the country when it comes to offering world-class drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs at affordable prices.

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