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What The Future holds for COVID Testing and International Travel

What The Future holds for COVID Testing and International Travel

COVID Testing and International Travel

Things have changed significantly in the COVID landscape over the last year. The vaccine rollout has been implemented all over the world; in most developed countries, the percentage of vaccinated people is 45%-75%, while in Africa in particular, the proportion is much lower, around 0-10% in central and upper Africa and approximately 35% in South Africa. Though not all the numbers are as high as health officials would like, most of the world has a reasonable number of vaccinated citizens. The general feeling of dread that has permeated the last few years is gradually starting to lift by degrees. People are feeling freer and freer to live their lives like they once did without fear of a pandemic taking their loved ones. This includes participating in outings, family gatherings, and, most exciting of all, travel plans.

While it’s lovely to feel freedom after years of feeling trapped and scared, the fact of the matter is that COVID is still out there, and it is still claiming lives. Thankfully the mortality rate has plunged, but healthcare screening is still essential to prevent a resurgence. For the reasonably near future, COVID testing to prevent more waves is going to be an essential tool to keep the earth’s population happy and healthy and keep us all from being cooped up in our homes once more. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for COVID testing and international testing.

Are We TooSecure?

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Though most average citizens will deny it, many officials feel that we have been lulled into a false sense of security by the current COVID statistics. When the vaccination rollout first began, it was the developed countries that got the first life-saving injections. In the undeveloped world, Africa in particular, vaccination rates are as low as zero in some areas. This fact alone should cause radical concern and alarm in the global community, and officials must take steps to rectify the situation as soon as possible. As people look forward to returning to a more “normal” way of life, which includes returning to international travel, we must ask ourselves if we are too comfortable with the minimal restrictions that some countries currently have in place. Until 70% of the world’s population is vaccinated, we as a global community will not achieve sufficient herd immunity for the vaccine to do its job properly.

The vaccine provides a feeling of security, but COVID can still be transferred even by the vaccinated among us. Travel testing must remain in place with portions of the world not fully vaccinated or completely unvaccinated.

Moving Goalposts

As with most pandemics or epidemics, the original strain of the virus has mutated and brought us several new strains of varying deadliness to deal with. These variants and the ones that are undoubtedly brewing out in the world as we speak will continue to change the goalposts of battling COVID. These mutations are part of the natural life cycle of a virus such as COVID, but they mean that testing will remain essential for some time to come. Private testing will play a big part in easing the burden felt by government institutions, and it will expedite test results to help people take the best possible care of themselves and those around them. The fact is, we are not SURE that the worst is over. We can’t be entirely sure that a new wave won’t appear at a moment’s notice, and while we should live our lives well, we have to exercise caution, especially when we are relocating from place to place for any length of time.

An Altered Travel Experience

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Though countries like Mexico, Denmark, Greece, France, Norway, and the UK have changed their regulations so that you don’t have to quarantine on arrival, most of them still require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter as a foreigner. Your international travel experience will be altered in one way or another by COVID testing, depending on where you come from and where you’re going. Though this may be an imposition, surely it is a small price to pay for your safety and the safety of your loved ones and everyone that you interact with? This situation won’t last forever, but for the immediate future, this is the way things will stay. You’ll still be able to have just as much fun on your vacation as you always used to before COVID; the only difference is that you’ll have to abide by a few extra health and safety precautions that will take up a little of your time. Check the restrictions of whichever country you are going to and plan your trip accordingly; factor in time for the health precautions, and you won’t miss a beat.

Wrap Up

The relationship between COVID testing and international travel will likely continue mostly unchanged from its current status for the immediate future. As we navigate this changing landscape, let’s all work together to handle things the best way possible.

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