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Understanding the Advantages of Stone Countertops

Advantages of Stone Countertops

Countertops whether they are in the bathroom or inside a kitchen are very important accessory to the house, as we use them for a variety of purposes from working to storing essential appliances. Thus, they enable us to make the best use of space. Numerous materials, such as granite, quartz, marble, wood and plastic, are used to create countertops. However, most of the people prefer stone countertops to those made from wood or plastic. Here are some of the advantages of stone countertops.

Durability and strength:

Stone countertops, especially those made from granite, marble or quartz, are extremely durable and can last up to several years with minimal maintenance. Marble countertops are water, heat and scratch resistant, and thus are perfect for the kitchen. Granite countertops on the other hand are also resistant to alcohols, oils and lemon juice and do not stain. You can use them to keep hot pans, common kitchen appliances, cleaning agents etc. They can also be used for cutting and chopping, as they do not allow bacterial growth, thus keeping the kitchen clean and germ free. On the other hand, wood and plastic countertops need frequent replacement and are likely to chip and crack, thereby promoting bacterial growth.


Stone countertops may have a greater price as compared to plastic and wooden countertop, the buy is worth because they retain their beauty and quality for a long time and hence, you can overlook the price gap. Also, you can get discounts on stone countertops at many shops. There are stones like slate that are less expensive as compared to granite and marble, and are water resistant and easy to clean.

Aesthetic appeal:

Stone countertops look elegant and attractive with different shades that will melt your heart. They are available in a plethora of patterns and colors that complement different types of interiors, from homes to offices, enhancing their appeal. Even a normal work place, such as the kitchen or the bathroom or even the laundry room, can be converted into a refreshing and welcoming place just by choosing the right stone. Even a cheap cabinetry can look expensive and classy with the help of these stone countertops.


The stone surfaces apart from keeping utensils and kitchenware can also be used to perform lots of other activities, such as craft activities, home work, stitching, candy making, rolling the dough and other daily family chores.

Easy to clean:

The counter tops made from natural stones like quartz are easy to clean. Ease at cleaning is the prime requisite for any countertop, especially if you install it in your kitchen. You can clean Quartz easily by using common household items like detergent soap and water.

Easy to maintain:

Although some stones like granite and marble require regular sealing in order to prevent chipping, others like quartz do not need sealing and remain beautiful and functional for a long time. You can revitalize slate countertops just by rubbing the surface with sand paper.

Scratch free:

As already mentioned, stones are strong and sturdy and are resistant to scratches and chipping. A little care and your countertop remain bright and colorful throughout its lifetime.


Stone countertop not just looks elegant but also offers various benefits. While natural stones are beautiful and sturdy, if compared to wooden or plastic countertops that are likely to damage in due course. Wood tends to contract in dry conditions, whereas it expands in moist conditions. Thus, stone countertops are far better than other materials used for countertop.

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