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Tips to use subwoofers for enhancing your home theater system

subwoofers for enhancing your home theater system

Modern homeowners want only the best entertainment system for their homes. They are often dissatisfied with the sound system provided with the home theaters and buy special subwoofers for better sound quality. Subwoofers offer amazing sound quality that transports the movie watchers into a different realm. The roar of the tiger and the whistle of the train will seem more than real if you install the high quality subwoofers available in the market.

Several manufacturers are presently selling subwoofers for home entertainment systems. For choosing the right one, a homeowner must form clear idea about the features of subwoofers and the method of using them. Experts believe that you can get better quality of sound by using multiple subwoofers together. There are many points that one must consider while installing subwoofers.

Why do people install subwoofers?

Improving the bass sound quality is the main reason why people buy high quality subwoofers for their home. Flat, insipid and booming bass noise cannot satisfy your inner craving for good quality audio or music. The bass sound resonates too much making it difficult to enjoy the dialogues and music for the viewers.

The subwoofers make the bass sound more sharp, crisp and enjoyable. The modern home theater systems are quite costly. If you cannot enjoy the sound of the movies and the music even after installing a home theater system then it’s unfortunate. The use of dual or multiple subwoofers can elevate the quality of sound very easily.

Position your subwoofers aptly:

The quality of bass depends heavily on the sitting arrangements and the position of the subwoofers. The homeowners often complain that the bass sound they get varies in the different parts of the room. From some areas, they get flat and over-resonated noise and from other parts, they receive sharp or shrill bass noise. That is why the position of the subwoofers is very important for good quality sound.

For placing the subwoofers at the appropriate spots, you may take the help of expert installers. One good way to find the perfect spots for keeping the subwoofers is to experiment by changing their position. The resonance of sound waves is generally different in the different parts of a room. When the sound waves cancel the effect of each other, then the noise becomes low for us and when the sound waves resonate, the bass becomes too loud and booming for comfort. Changing the position of subwoofers let even novice homeowners a good idea about the best spots. Two subwoofers have to be placed in the opposite corners for best results. If you want to place the subwoofers on the sides, then make sure to position them just at the middle of the sidewalls.

What kind of subwoofer should you get?

Before you start looking for subwoofers one thing you have to keep in mind. The subwoofers are costly additions to your home theater system. If you really want to enhance the bass of your home theater then get one 12 to 15 inch big subwoofer. The size and numbers of the subwoofers will depend on the size of your home theater room.

A 10-inch tall subwoofer can give you 100 watt of power. It is sufficient for enhancing the sound quality of a moderately big home theater room. For bigger rooms or huge halls, you may need powerful subwoofers. If the subwoofer’s power is excessively high, it will affect your ears. More than one subwoofer is good for reducing the resonance problems in big rooms and lounges.


We use subwoofers to make the sound quality even and free of resonance. However, you have to install them at the right places for best sound effect.

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