Tips to clean and maintain your chandelier with ease

maintain your chandelier with ease

A chandelier can enhance the appearance and theme of a room and make it look exquisite. Chandeliers often have intricate design and they are very delicate. Maintaining the chandeliers is necessary or else they will lose their glamour and charm. Chandeliers can be used in the different rooms and parlors of your house.

A chandelier on top of the dining table looks elegant. However, if you do not know how to clean a chandelier or if you cannot devote time in maintaining them then think of other types of light fixtures instead of chandeliers. However, there are some very easy ways of maintaining the sheen and beauty of your chandeliers.

The traditional method:

The traditional method of cleaning chandeliers may be convenient for modern house owners but it is not free of flaws. People used a mixture of water and white vinegar all over the world for cleaning the crystals of their beautiful chandelier. They would climb up the ladder and soak the crystals in a bowl of warm water mixed with vinegar. Vinegar is a good cleanser and easily available in your kitchen or pantry but they may make your chandelier smell like Italian salad. Though vinegar rubs off the sticky and oily dirt from the chandeliers, it cannot make it shine like the modern crystal cleansers.

Necessary Preparation:

People do not clean chandelier every week. Rather, you should clean them once in a month or two months. Whenever you clean the chandelier, make sure that you have prepared that part of the room for cleaning. Bringing down the chandelier will not be easy and that is why you must climb up the ladder. Before starting to clean the chandelier, you must cover the table, sofa and other furniture underneath with drop cloths. Also, remove artifacts, rugs, carpets and small tables for safety. Place some old newspapers on the floor for soaking the dirty water and cleanser.

The dry method of cleaning chandeliers:

If you do not want to get wet and dirty, then use the dry method for keeping your chandelier clean. The dry method is good for regular maintenance of the chandeliers and even kids can help you with it. The dry method does not consist of water. This means that there is less risks of damage from water to the electronic components of the chandelier. Use a towel and long handle, soft bristle cleaning brush to clean the crystals of the chandeliers. Do not forget to clean the metal or glass fixtures. Micro fiber clothes are recommended for dry cleaning. You will also find chandelier cleansers that need not be dissolved in water.

Be safe, not sorry:

Cleaning a chandelier can be difficult and laborious. You must take some precautionary measures for making the procedure safe. Before you clean switch off the electric supply or disconnect it. Draw the design of your chandelier on a white paper or take pictures from different angles for understanding how to tackle the complicated design while cleaning it. Shift your ladder instead of swaying or moving the chandelier, so that the costly light fixture does not get damaged. You can also remove the bulbs before cleaning.

Use some compressed air cans:

The compressed air cans are generally used for cleaning the keyboards and other intricate electronics or delicate goods. You too can use this helpful product for cleaning the chandelier more easily. The cleaning agents and dirt cleansers available in the market may cause discoloration of the antique frame or damage the chandelier. That is why you should blow away the dirt first before using the cleansers.


Cleaning a chandelier is not easy but it can be done by using proper methods and tools. Maintain the necessary safety measures and protect the furniture below it.

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