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Things you should know before hanging wallpaper


Things to know

Wallpapers are becoming the fast growing trend in home interiors that redefines the decoration and adds fascinating touch to your home. Very few things can beat the exquisiteness of the wallpaper, provided you just know the right way to apply them. If you are not aware of the right procedure, hanging wallpaper can be no less than a nightmare. There are few things that should be kept in mind that will make it easy for the skilled as well as beginners to apply the wallpapers. Image Credit

What & Why

There are many reasons why you should take the preventive steps.
1) In case you apply the new wallpaper on the older one, you may lack the smoothness and a good finishing.

2) In case the walls is wet or have some cracks, the glue may not stick well and also may lead to air bubbles between the surfaces, leaving an uneven look.

3) Painting or using primer will make the difference between an excellent installation and no seams-popping or coming apart.

4) Turning off the electricity ensures your safety and prevents shocks and short circuits.

We suggest

• Wet the wallpaper completely if it’s pre-pasted. Keep the paper in water bath to soak it.

• In case you are using non-prepasted paper, make sure to cover the entire length of the paper with adhesive by laying the paper on a long flat surface.

• Use plumb line on the wall before you start pasting the paper on the wall.

• Always let primer dry overnight before installing your new wallpaper.

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