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How to soundproof your home theater room

soundproof your home theater room

The method and procedure of soundproofing the home entertainment room depends on your budget and planning. You can create a soundproof room during the construction of your home or soundproof the room using insulators afterwards. For enjoying movies and music peacefully, the home entertainment room must be soundproof. This way the sound and bass noise from the audio system of your home theater will not leak into the neighboring rooms and the sounds from the other rooms will not bother you when you are enjoying a flick.

There are several different steps involved with making a room very soundproof. Modern homeowners must evaluate their soundproofing options carefully before making decisions. In the following the various soundproofing techniques and methods are discussed for your benefit.

Create a floating room for home entertainment system:

You must build a “floating” or isolated room during the construction of the house. The components of the room like the walls, roof and floor are made in such a way that they are acoustically detached from the rest of the rooms. You must employ experts who have knowledge about soundproofing a room to make this type of room. The problem with constructing a soundproof entertainment theater inside your home is the cost. You may have to spend something around $10,000 for making this room alone.

Another great way of soundproofing the home entertainment room is to use double sheetrock on the walls. You must install the double sheetrock e carefully parallel to the real walls. There should be slight gap between the two layers of wall. Though this is a very effective method of soundproofing, it is also burns a hole in your pocket.

Insulators are your best friend in soundproofing:

Using insulators for soundproofing the home theater room is a very common, cost-effective and plausible way. The insulators have to be installed and used appropriately on the walls of the home entertainment theater room. They can absorb the sound coming from the surround sound system which is apart of the home theater system. By absorbing the excess sound, which reflects on the walls, the insulators make hearing easier.

You can purchase the panels of soundproof materials and hang them around the room at the right spots on the walls. These soundproof panels prevent sound from being reflected from the walls, and stop sounds from neighboring rooms disrupt your movie experience.

vis cheap and best:

If your budget does not permit you to install soundproof sheets or panels on the walls then you should consider using fiberglass. Fiberglass is a good soundproofing material if you use it correctly. There is a special technique for using fiberglass on the walls. You should not place them too tightly or too lightly on the walls. When placed loosely the fiberglass does not act as insulators for reflected sound and when attached too tightly then it cannot prevent sound from going out or coming in.

Do not neglect the ceiling:

The best way of soundproofing the ceiling of the room is to use sheetrock. The sheetrock layers can be used during the construction of the room. If you use green glue for attaching the sheetrock layer then the procedure will be much more eco-friendly. Creating layers on the ceiling is also a simple and easy way of making it soundproof and prevent sound from leaking. You should use heavy curtains and cover the floor with carpet or thick mat for better coverage from leaking sound.


Soundproofing the home theater rooms can be costly. There are several different ways of enhancing the soundproof quality of a home theater room.

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