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Sketch chair software lets you design and make your own chair

sketch chair

Designed as an innovative collaboration between Greg Saul and the JST ERATO Design UI Project, the Sketch chair is a processing based software that allows the users to create a chair. The entire process of creating begins with a simple step of sketching/designing with the help of a 2D sketching interface. The program then generates those parts of the chair that would be used in building the chair in the real world. Now, you must be wondering how chairs make their way into the real world from a software. The chairs are manifested in the real world when the parts generated are cut in sheet material with the help of laser cutters or paper cutters and then fabricated as one. However, the best part about this program apart from exercising the creative faculties is that the final chair that is created holds itself quite well when a person sits on it. It means the chairs are not just drawing sculptures, but you can put them to a good use too.


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