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Is There a Chance that the Bitcoin Price Will Rise in 2023?

Is There a Chance that the Bitcoin Price Will Rise in 2023

Bitcoin is the leading digital asset with the highest price and market capitalisation exceeding $330. BTC to USDT is one of the most traded pairs throughout all crypto platforms.

In 2022, the Bitcoin price has significantly dropped from around $60 to today’s $17 for one coin. The market collapsed in the spring of 2022, and there were many reasons why it happened: looming economic crisis, inflation, news background, full-scale est, etc.

The crypto market is not under government control, and central banks either have nothing to do with it. Crypto prices vary every day. Sometimes that are tiny fluctuations, sometimes sharp drops or rises. Supply, demand, investors sentiment and other factors affect crypto. The year 2022 demonstrated the best trend in the crypto market. But every bear trend is replaced by a bull trend. So many investors advise to buy BTC now, as its rate is around 17 dollars and hold it until the next bull rally starts, which may be in 2023, as some experts claim.

So there is a chance that the Bitcoin price will rise in 2023. Let’s talk about the trends in more detail.

Bear Tendency

This trend is characterized by the entire crypto value decline, reducing demand, the outflow of investments, and pessimistic expectations about market growth. Investors massively withdraw their crypto investments.

Bull Trend

Demand for crypto assets is increasing (sometimes even up to 40%), funds flow to the market, investors are optimistic, and more and more people want to buy crypto. During the bull trend, many new crypto projects emerge in the market. So you will understand when the bull trend starts, Bitcoin price live will rise.

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