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Important Things You Need to Know About Essential Tremors

Are you continually experiencing tremors in your hands? Is it starting to happen more often than before? This could be a sign of something more severe, like essential tremors. In situations like this, it would be best to see a doctor for proper testing accurate diagnosis.

Have you ever wondered, what is essential tremor is all about? What are the causes of this condition, and how to make life more manageable? If you or anyone in your family happens to experience constant tremors, it is essential to learn more about this condition.

Important facts that you need to know about essential tremor:

neurological disorder

  • It is a neurological disorder that generally affects people aged 65 and older.
  • Some younger patients are teenagers and in their early forties as well.
  • This condition is not contagious, but it can progress throughout the years.
  • Essential tremor is not the same as Parkinson’s disease.
  • You need to see a doctor for proper testing and diagnosis of the condition.

What are the usual signs and symptoms of this disorder?

  • Constant handshaking and in some cases other parts of the body may be affected, such as the limbs and the head as well as the voice.
  • The condition is known to be progressive and is more imminent when the patient is continuously moving.
  • The tremors will affect the dominant hand of the patient.
  • As the condition advances, the activities of daily living can be modified, and it may lead to severe disability.

What is the leading cause of having essential tremors?

abnormalities in the activity of the cerebellum

According to medical research, the actual cause of this neurological disorder has not yet been determined. But some theories indicate specific abnormalities in the activity of the cerebellum, which does not connect well with other parts of the human brain. The cerebellum is mainly responsible for muscle control and coordination.

There are also some observations that there is a possibility that essential tremors might be an acquired or hereditary condition. If one of your parents has this condition, there is a fifty percent chance that you will acquire it in the future. However, early detection of essential tremors is recommended by undergoing specific procedures such as genetic testing as well as brain imaging that would help diagnose the condition before it worsens.

Why is it important to see a doctor for this condition?

Essential tremor is a condition that needs to be taken seriously because if not, it could get worst in a matter of time. It is also necessary to get an accurate diagnosis because tremors is an underlying symptom of something more serious. When talking to your doctor, do not feel ashamed to ask any questions regarding your condition.

Lastly, it would be helpful to seek to advise from an occupational therapist that would help you manage your activities for daily living and make you as independent as possible. You also need a robust support system coming from your family members and friends that would understand your health condition.

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