How to hang artwork artistically at home

Your home should reflect your inner self. The walls can always enhance the beauty of the room. Choosing artwork for the wall is a sensitive matter, you don’t want to rely entirely upon an interior designer to build your wall gallery. The artworks should reflect your personality, your interests and emotions and your most cherished memories. So choose your flavor by the taste, not by the color or brand!

The following tips are useful for hanging the artwork in an attractive manner:

1. Arrange the artwork according to the wall size
Hang the smaller frames on narrow side of the walls and larger ones on wider sides. If you want to hang a group of frames, consider putting them beside the center framework, which is the main attraction on your wall. You may need to do some measurement to get this right! You would require a few tools for this – a measuring tape, hammer, nails, marker, screwdrivers, drill, wall mount tapes etc. Interior decorators and gallery experts suggest that you always hang your art at 57″ on center, or try to keep it somewhere in between 54″ and 59″ on center. So that the center point of the picture is at about 57 inches on the wall, which is the eye level of an average individual. These measurements help your artwork to create a cohesive display and they look attractive.

2. Highlight your display
Even the most beautiful artworks look unattractive unless they’re well lit and highlighted. Follow your artwork with track lighting down the hall way to give a dramatic feel to it. Illuminate using various colored bulbs fitting the theme of the picture. For example, a pink light will not suit a gothic or dark surreal picture. So illuminate accordingly.

3. Frames and art shelves
Choose frames that best compliment the picture. Use similar or complimentary frames throughout an entire room and create an environment. Frames should compliment furniture tones and shades of the room. Put the pairs and set together at one place in order or group, rather than spreading or scattering them around the room. Hang art shelves, art shelves can be used to display other artworks or decorative objects, not only pictures or frames. Popular art shelves are a great way to enhance the aesthetic look and make use of the available space.

4. Hardware tips
Hang your artwork according to size. For wide paintings use two picture hooks. One hook may not be sufficient in preventing a wide frame from rocking or tipping. So use two picture hooks instead and separate them with careful deliberation to distribute the weight. When hanging a group or series of artwork, lay it on the floor and make the arrangement first before hanging and then reconsidering, save your wall from the unnecessary holes. Keep outer edges aligned and fill in the middle. You can also use putty, plaster of Paris and wall mount tape to further support your picture.

And if you’re willing to do some reconstruction, break, and frame your wall to fit your artwork. Make some designs on the sides of your artwork to further show off your creativity.

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