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Hacks that will optimize your daily makeup routine

You can either catch up on few extra minutes of sleep or look great. Right? Wrong. There are always easier ways by which you can look great without spending hours for getting ready.

You can have enough time to make yourself a wholesome breakfast while nailing that makeup look by incorporating these makeup hacks in your daily makeup routine.

Go for mascara over eyeliner


Yes, a swipe of black line on our upper eyelid sure makes your eyes pop and changes the overall shape of the eyes. But it takes its own sweet time to give you the perfect look. It isn’t an easy task to create that perfect wing.

Instead of applying eyeliner every day, skip it and go for mascara instead. Keep that eyeliner for special occasions only.

Baby powder for thicker lashes

Apart from keeping your lipstick from wearing off, you can use baby powder to make your eyelashes look fuller.

Apply a coat of mascara on your eyelashes, take some baby powder on a Q-tip and dab your eyelashes with it. Next, apply another coat of mascara and your eyelashes should appear thicker and longer.

The easy smoky eyes


Creating a perfect smoky eye takes time, especially if you decide to go with multiple shades. You can create smoky eyes by using just your eyeliner pencil. Simply create a line on your upper eyelid and smudge it with your finger. Use your finger to smear it around your upper eyelid and it will create smoky eyes instantly.

Use a dryer to curl eyelashes

To curl your eyelashes more effectively, use a hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler. The heat will curl your eyelashes dramatically and give your lashes the extra oomph.

Use powder on your lipstick


Working for long hours means you might not get time to fix your makeup in between. Thankfully, there is a trick to make your lipstick last all day without touching it up at regular intervals. Apply your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips, and dab some baby powder on your lips using a brush. It will keep your lipstick from wearing off too soon.

Use tape to create winged eyeliner

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner is not easy and your complete eye makeup can get ruined by a single wrong stroke. If you struggle with creating the wings of your eyeliner, use some tape to make the task easier.

Stick the tape at the end of your lower eyelid and draw along the edge of the tape to create flawless wings.

Keep your makeup sorted


When you are already running late, nothing is more annoying than not being able to find the products you need. Keep your makeup sorted by placing your products in different bags. Allot different bags for different categories of makeup products and it will make it easier for you find what you need.

Use multi-purpose products

There are products that can be used in more than one way. Take lipstick, for instance. You can use your lipstick as a blush apart from using it on lips. A tinted moisturizer can be used as a base foundation, and an eyeliner pencil can be used in place of a black eyeshadow.

It will make your morning makeup routine a lot simpler than before. You will also save money by buying makeup that serves multiple purposes.

Clean your makeup bag


Looking for the lipstick you bought recently in your makeup bag that is full of lipstick you bought decades ago must not be very easy. Keeping the products you no longer use in your makeup bag is simply unnecessary clutter, and it will only make your daily makeup routine irritable. Get rid of the makeup products that have expired or you don’t use anymore right away.

Use bold lipstick

Using a bold lip colour draws attention to your lips. You don’t need to apply anything else on your face. You can save a minimum of ten minutes if you simply put on a bold lipstick and leave rest of your face bare. Keep your lipstick in your bag and apply it quickly before heading out when you are in a hurry.


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