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Five cool and interesting pieces of furniture

img_lomme_bed_4 Egg shaped bed: This is a futuristic idea of blending functionality, fashion and comfort. The egg shaped bed is truly impressive as it wonderfully combines cosiness and comfort with a contemporary design. The white colour used creates a feeling of calm and peace and is likely to soothe agitated minds too. The best part is this bed comes with a diffuse sound system and light to help one enjoy their sleep. 25514 Wooden sofa: This is an awkward furniture piece having a simple design. It comprises of a wooden log that has three back seats fixed to it. The back seats come in metallic colour, which emphasises the unusual combination, although this brings an altogether varied dimension to the concept of minimalism. l_CavOak-3s Oak bed/sofa: Made exclusively from oak, it is rather confusing to define it as a sofa or bed. It is made with several layers of oak used together for supporting the weight. This will make an interesting decor for one’s living room. It has a unique design and is handmade. image33 Chandelier made of coat hangers: This is a truly unique piece. The sole purpose of coat hangers is no longer restrained for hanging clothes in the dressing, but these hangers are now made to use in creating a chandelier and its result is impressive. These are made available in both plastic and wood and be utilized in any home. Custom Bath Tub-C Fully customized bathtub: This innovative bathtub is fully customizable resting on the colour one desires and the space available. The specialty of this bathtub is that it creates a game of shadow and light in the bathroom, which one will find most soothing. The materials utilized for creating the innovative, personalized and interesting graphics comprise of smooth and non-porous yet not slippery, thus making it just ideal for any styles of bathroom. Summary: With technological advances, one can now find variegated styles of furniture pieces that wonderfully suit various palates with equivalent ease. Check out the above mentioned pieces of furniture to give the dwelling a rattan advantage.]]>

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