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Drowning Buoy visual meter to keep a check on your water consumption

drowning buoy1

Designed by Callum Collie, the drowning buoy visual meter is a fun and unique way to keep a check on your water consumption. It is unique, as atleast, I have not seen a meter like this and fun for all the sadistic people who love to see a boy drowning. As, the image of boy drowning will keep on reminding you that you will too drown in water bills by the end of the month. It has a simple way of being put into application. All you have to do is, plug the drowning buoy into the mains and meter reader into the water meter. As, this is done, the meter communicates wirelessly to the buoy and more water you use, more the water level will increase in the buoy and the excessive consumption will drown the ‘buoy’, alerting you to mend your ways.

It is very easy to set up this water meter. Once you have set up the product, you will be asked to wait for a day until you switch it on. This time will let reader take the average water usage reading by the end of the day. The reading that is taken is set as a limit for the coming days. So, if the next day, you use the same amount of water, then the water will neither increase or decrease over the buoy. However, if you make an effort to use less water, then the water recedes and keeps the buoy safe. And, if not it drowns.

drowning buoy2

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