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Five cool and innovative planters with pet houses

Pet houses

Green is in, and certainly, it’s a call of the day. Everyone is seeking shelter in nature. You too must be looking for eco friendly and green surroundings. But, have you thought of something for your pets? Add some green effect to their lives as well; after all they too are nature’s creatures. They also need some fresh air to breathe.

Planters as pet shelter could be of dual advantage. Meant for small and large houses, these planters will add greenery as well as act as eco-retreat for your pets. Even for those lodged in high rise apartments, far from green surroundings, these planters are excellent solution to meet the green needs. They will not only give aesthetic touch to the interiors but also adequately utilize small space constraints. These five such planter cum pet houses is illustrated here for trying it out.

1. Indoor green-roofed homes for house pets

Indoor Green-Roofed Homes for House Pets

Designer Jardin chic has contemporary and sleek solution for those living in limited space apartments. His planter cum pet house would be liked by green loving genre. This abstract shape planter can be placed anywhere in a studio apartments, allowing pets to have some green shelter for rest. This planter is made of recyclable plastic. This piece could be used for growing flowers, grass, veggies or even fresh herbs.

2. Sustainable pet house

Sustainable pet house

This large looking mansion for your pet will add greenery to any corner of your home. It’s an ideal retreat for dogs. This shipment comes with drainage material, filter fabric and soil mix. Company, sustainable pet designs can be consulted for finding best native plants. Roof space can house variety of plants.

3. Jardin chic pet house

Modern Planters Combine with Pet Shelter

Are you a fond bird watcher? If yes, hang this planter in your balcony or backyard. And you can enjoy looking at small little activities, the birds do. This innovative planter can be home to your pet birds as well. Any ornamental plants or flowers will provide green refuge to chirpy creatures. Though ideal outdoors, but could be placed indoors as well, along with kitchen or living room windows.

4. Zen den of doghouses

Zen Den of doghouses

If meditation in peaceful environs is necessary for human beings to keep senses under control, pets too need ways to de-stress their life. What better way than this terracotta haven crowned with natural surrounding. This classic space is just right to serve as rest lounge for pets who are tired hanging around the vicinity. Here, greens and mud walls will give them cooling effect.

5. Dog House with a green roof


This innovative house is remodeled from the existing one. This is done by adding greens on the roof top. This transformation is easy for all those who own a pet and pet house. Simply by adding railings and filling it with soil, one can easily plant flowers or plants on the top. This is a good idea for all those struggling with limited space management, and yet wanting to go green.

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