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A Complete Guide to BOC 3 Filing

Every transportation organization is required to file a Boc 3 before they are granted the authority to operate within their state. It is mandatory. Thus, if you are planning to start your own company in the transportation industry, you must understand the process of BOC 3 filing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What is Boc3?

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The process for Boc 3 filing is almost similar in all states and countries. However, it is still recommended to gather all the legal information regarding the process, under your state’s guidelines.

To put it simply, Boc 3 filing provides legal existence to brokers, motor carriers and freight forwarders in the state that they have to regulate within. Boc stands for blanket of coverage and by filing this, the transportation company designates agents who represent the company in all the various states that they operate in or send freight to. The agent is responsible for handling the legal matters and documents from the court, on behalf of the organization, in case of any legal matter.

Documents to provide for Boc 3 Filing

When you file for Boc 3, you are requested to provide the FMCSA with some important documents. These are as follows:

  • Full name of the freight forwarder or carrier
  • Full address of the carrier
  • Information of the authorized person who has to sign the Boc 3 and the title of the individual
  • Name of the SOP agent
  • The street address of all the states, respectively.

The documents might vary a bit, depending on state to state. However, these are the essentials. It is best to inquire deeply about the filing and the requirements before you provide your documents, for safety purposes.

Cost of a Boc 3 Agent

Cost of a Boc 3 Agent

The price of a Boc 3 agent varies a lot. Experience doesn’t definitely mean a higher cost. A professional Boc 3 agent can cost you as low as $30 or maybe as high as $200 too. The prices vary on the scope of Boc 3 services that you want to attain. For instance, a lot of agents cost you $100 but they offer you a lot of different additional services too.

Likewise, the structure of fee varies from agent to agent as well. Most of the agents charge their fee on an annual basis. Some agents charge additional for the legal documents that they handle while some include that in their fee structure. The point being, Boc 3 agents have various costs and fee structures and they are different from one another largely. Therefore, it is best that you look deeply into the fee structure of the agent you decide to hire and question them about all the whereabouts in detail.

How to hire the right agent?

Hiring an agent might be a bit overwhelming as you want to pick the right person for this task. At the end of the day, the agent will be managing your legal matters. Thus, it is best to look for a well-trained Boc 3 agent. Demand for certifications if your agent has gained proper training. Any professional agent won’t hesitate from providing you with the documents you demand for.

A trained agent ensures that your official and legal matters and documents will be handled professionally and accurately. There are alot of agents in the transportation industry at the moment. But whilst choosing one, look into the tools the agent uses. The best agents use tools and various practices to alert you about different matters, so that you can stay ahead in the game. They are basically trustworthy and put their heart and soul into being your official agent.

Can you be your own agent?


Many motor carriers often get confused about whether they can be their own process agent or not. Well, you can be your own agent for Boc 3 filing but only within your state. You will have to give your physical address while filing the Boc 3, so that the services of the process can be received. However, it is usually recommended that you hire an agent for this and do not try to manage the filing procedure on your own as a professional does it better, without a doubt.

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