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5 Sustainable sneakers for the eco conscious

Sneakers for the eco conscious

The benefits of exercise are slowly being recognized by all and sundry. While undertaking cardiovascular exercises, the most important thing that has to be kept in mind is the need for good sneakers that are comfortable and sustainable.

Going by the green revolution that is happening in the world, eco friendly sneakers are the rule of the day and there are many vibrant and sustainable ones out there to take your pick from. Browse through these wonderful sneakers if you belong to the ‘eco conscious’ category.

1. Organic cotton sneakers from Veja

For the truly eco friendly, few who wants their shoes to be 100% green, Veja is the ideal choice with all elements entirely fitting in the eco friendly category. Made in pure white organic cotton with the blue logo of Veja tastefully printed and peeping out at the sides of the sneakers, they also have soles that are made of wild rubber and hence very eco friendly and help in conserving the natural resources.

Wild rubber trees are found only in Brazil and Veja helps in supporting their wild harvest thereby preventing deforestation of these trees and resultant soil erosion and global warming.

2. Suede eco sneakers from Orvis

These eco sneakers which have a retro look and feel about it are made of suede material. Designed to suit women, these sneakers are made entirely out of eco friendly materials, be it the sole, the lace or the manufacturing process. The finishing of the suede is done in tanneries that are organic and hence very safe for the ecosystem.

The lining inside the shoe is made of organically grown and processed cotton material and the shoe laces are again made from recycled materials like plastic bottles. The rubberized soles of the shoes are made out of tires that are old and recycled. Going by the overall look and the appeal, these shoes really make a great mark on the wearer and make them stand apart with their vibrant colors and beautiful design. A pair comes for $69.

3. Tech Runners from Vasque Aether

Another green shoes that can bowl you over with its design and style. The Vasque Aether Tech Runners designed for women look very smart and colorful with their red/gray and light gray color schemes. The uppers used in these sneakers are 30 percent recycled materials.

Vasque is also very particular about the manufacturing and packaging standards and procedures followed in their company. Every effort is made to ensure that the packaging and marketing materials and strategies are in conjunction with eco friendly practices. Green policies are strictly followed in their packaging and marketing methods in order to ensure that they adhere to eco friendly practices as much as possible. Tech Runners are priced at $ 87.50.

4. Lucy casual sneaker from Terra Plana

These multi colored sneakers look so good that their color combination allows women to wear them with all colors. The blues, reds, grays and blacks are blend well into the overall design to create a palette that is at once very eye catchy, comfortable and very eco friendly.

Priced at $ 125, these sneakers are very comfortable whether you are running, walking or just doing some resistance and strength training exercises. They are also made out of recycled materials which range from soles that are recycled, parachutes that are damaged and useless, old and useless coats, etc. to name a few. The shoe is also made of very little glue for sticking the parts. Going by the amount of recycled materials used for making this shoe, it sure looks wonderful and entirely admirable.

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 Runners

A great and eco friendly shoes made for men; these shoes are created with BioMoGo which is considered the first biodegradable midsole in the world. The rubber used for the sole is the traditional EVA rubber along with a special non toxic component too is added to encourage anaerobic microbes to munch away when the sole touches an enclosed and active landfill. The laces of these sneakers too are made entirely from recycled materials.

With a great blue/white and black body and a futuristic look, these shoes truly look smart and eco friendly on the wearer, making them pride at the eco friendly design and their role in conserving the natural assets of nature. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 Runners are priced at $ 100 which is in no way expensive considering the labor, effort, comfort and the eco friendly design that it offers to the wearer.

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