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15 Foods you should never refrigerate

Foods you should never refrigerate

Our lifestyle is laced with technology and every aspect of our lives has something to do with technology. Food is no exception and the food storage has improved leaps and bounds over the ages. Refrigerating food is now a very common practice and also very effective has it helps to preserve the food and make it long lasting. However, it must be noted in this regard that there are certain foods you should never refrigerate. This article will provide you some wholesome information on this matter and we will be telling you all about the food not to put in fridge.

The list of foods you should never refrigerate

  1. Herbs:

    HerbsIt is a very common practice then when the herbs are brought in fresh people tends to refrigerate it. What needs to be remembered is that these herbs are prone to wilt and decay faster when they are in a refrigerated condition. Instead if they are kept immersed in a bowl of water outside the fridge, their crispy texture is retained.

  2. Bread:

    Freezing bread is not known to cause problems as such but in general when you keep a bread in the fridge it dries out very easily. This if you want the freshness and moisture intact you must consume this item while it is still fresh.

  3. Potatoes:

    potatoesAmong many fruits and vegetables potatoes are one such item which loses out on its flavor if it is refrigerated. So to avoid this better idea is to store them in paper bags. We recommend that you avoid plastic however as it helps in the formation of moisture which can help the decay process of the potatoes.

  4. Onions:

    Onions are easily among the food not to put in fridge. They quickly lose their flavor when they are refrigerated and the best way to store them in paper bags away from direct light and away from potatoes. This is a necessity because since potatoes tend to have some moisture and odor it tends to rot the onions faster if they are kept close.

  5. Certain fruits:

    Certain fruits
    A large variety of fruits such as apples, peaches, apricots and such juicy and crunchy fruits are not at their best when they are refrigerated. Thus the best way to consume them is a brief 30minutes refrigeration process before it is served. It helps to bring out the crunchy texture in them. For other fruits like oranges and lemons you can just lay them out on the kitchen table as long as you keep them a bit spaced out so that they do not mold easily.

  6. Some salad dressings:

    Among the foods you should never refrigerate are certain salad dressings that are vinegar and oil based in nature. These are perfectly fine if stored outside the fridge and we certainly recommend that you take to that practice. On the other hand some salad dressings like cheese and mayonnaise are fine in the fridge and can stay much longer periods retaining their freshness.

  7. Tomatoes:

    TomatoesIf you want to ripe the tomatoes then they can be stored in paper bags and kept in the fridge. But otherwise there is no such need to store tomatoes in the fridge. They are among foods you should never refrigerate because they lose out on their flavor in the process.

  8. Ketchup and soya based sauces:

    They have a natural base and it helps to keep them fresh outside the fridge even after you have opened the bottles. So there is no such need of keeping them in the fridge.

  9. Cereal:

    This is very important among the foods that don’t require refrigeration. They are in perfect conditions outside the fridge and thus there is no such need of keeping them refrigerated.

  10. Coffee:

    This has made it in the list of foods you should never refrigerate because apart from loss of flavor it risks condensing and forming lumps inside the fridge. Instead try storing them in airtight containers to retain the best of their flavor.

  11. Pickles:

    PicklesThey contain a lot of oil and natural preservatives. Thus there is no need to keep the pickles in the fridge where they can lose their runny texture. Also it does not taste best when chilled.

  12. Melons:

    These don’t require refrigeration because they become crumpled and grainy when kept in the fridge. However after cutting of the melons they can easily be kept in the fridge for two three days without any issues affecting its flavor or taste. The best melons are still the freshest ones you can get your hands upon.

  13. Honey:

    HoneyHoney is fine as long as you keep it away from direct sunlight. It is thus unfortunate that some people refrigerate this food item which is among the foods you should never refrigerate. When kept in the fridge, honey hardens and is not in the best of its taste or goodness.

  14. Jams:

    These are rich in preservatives that are present from the manufacturing process. Thus even after you open the bottles their freshness is retained even if you keep it outside the fridge. Thus you easily avoid the refrigeration of this particular item and instead keep it outside.

  15. Garlic:

    It is a very important spice for your food and the flavor is very essential. They are not to be refrigerated since that affects the flavor of garlic and also causes it to mould and rot faster. If you want the best of garlic flavor in food, we suggest that you keep them outside your fridge.

Final words

You can only enjoy technology when you manage to avoid its ill effects. Refrigeration is a process that is very necessary and as long as you know about the foods that don’t require refrigeration you have nothing to worry about as such. There are some fruits and vegetables which are best when consumed fresh and it is definitely a wise move if you just consume them the way they were meant to be. We hope this article was insightful enough to help you and your food habits.

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