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10 Amazing Tree Stump Ideas Landscape Your Garden

Decorate your garden by transforming your tree stumps to incredibly beautiful planters or sculptures. There are many ideas which you could use to add a creative and imaginative focal point to your garden, by decorating your tree stump. Use these tree stump ideas landscape to beautify your garden with very little expense and investment. Here are some extraordinary tree stump landscaping ideas you can be inspired by:

10 tree stump ideas landscape garden 

Carve chairs out of the tree stump/s

Carve chairsImage Source :

Carve nice lounging spots in your garden out of your tree stumps instead of grinding them down and using them as compost or mulch. You can do it yourself or hire a woodworking professional to carve a chair with a back (high or short) according to the height of the stump.

One of the ideas on how to decorate a tree stump in landscape gardening is to convert it into a table. You can smooth out the top to make it into a natural garden table to dine or lunch on.

You can make stools out of other tree stumps to make your own tree stump garden furniture.

Fairy house idea

It would be quite easy to turn your tree stump into something your kids will love for sure. Build them a lovely tree stump fairy house. Just carve a window and door and decorate it like a fairy’s home. Enlist your kids’ help and have a great time with your kids building the fairy home. Adding figurines like gnomes, birds, fairytale cartoon characters, butterflies will transform your tree stump into something magical.

Tree stump artwork

Tree stump artworkImage Source :

If you’re good at art, you can use your imagination to create original tree stump ideas landscape your garden. You could paint your tree stump to display your creativity. You can carve the tree stump into a beautiful sculpture. Another idea is to engage the services of local artists who might carve sculptures out of your tree stump/s. It might not cost you much, though you’d still gain even if it is costly.

Grow an edible garden

Mushrooms grow abundantly on tree stumps. If you love fresh mushrooms, you can just buy mushroom plugs, drill holes into the tree stump and do as directed on the pack. The taste and flavor of home-grown mushrooms will make your food even more delicious.

Make a tiered planter

tiered planterImage Source :

If you have a tree stump which has a few branches too, you can use it a wonderful tiered planter for your plants. It’s a great idea on how to decorate a tree stump in landscape gardening.

Make it a flower pot

Hollow the tree stump’s top to plant some perennials or annuals on the stump, making it an innovative planter. You can plant woodland varieties or ferns if the tree stump is in shade. Just let your imagination flow freely and think of different plants and flowers you could plant on your tree stump. You can plant seasonals so that your garden has different look every season.

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lightsFor all avid DIYers who like new projects, this one’s for you. Convert your tree stump/s into stunning outdoor lights. It one of the best tree stump decorating ideas for your garden. You’d have outdoor lights which are completely original and unique and shouldn’t be so hard to make either, if you are an experienced DIY person. Or else you can ask your local electrician to help you out with this incredible DIY project. 

Bench tree stump

Create a wonderful wooden bench out of the tree stumps in your backyard. You could add a wooden table in front to make a nice hangout spot with a friend. Set up some solar outdoor lights to have an eco-friendly sparkling entertainment zone with friends and family.

Use it as glass top table for your garden furniture

glass top tableImage Source :

The tree stump does not need to be inside your garden but you can take it into the patio or wherever you have a covered outdoor seating to have a spot where you can enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

There are many interesting ideas to convert a plain old tree stump into something exciting and above the ordinary. Just use your creativity to decorate your tree stump and make it a wonderful focal point for your garden.

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