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Festival Tourism Guide

Top Five Wedding Destinations in the world


The wedding destinations no doubt should have a special charm appealing enough to the couple and guests from either side. The bride and groom’s family and invitees should get all the gratifications they are looking for. The setting must be romantic, and the infrastructure attractive enough to take care of a wedding ceremony which is supposed to be the first ...

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History of festival tourism

Festivals and their glamour have fascinated man since time immemorial. Usually, festivals and carnivals have a powerful background with a religious and cultural link. Religion and culture had always been twin pillars to which the human civilization has been tied up, and it is obvious these two entities will have a great impact on day to day functioning of the ...

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How to get more information on festival tourism

Information about festival tourism is not that difficult to get. Festivals are generally open events with pronounced existence, and any bit of information about festival tourism is generally widespread. The Cultural and Tourism departments of countries make all information regarding festival available to the interested tourists. They publish brochures for free distribution. These pieces of literature contain the details of ...

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Key drivers of festival tourism

Acceptance demonstrated by the local residents towards visiting tourists is a key factor behind making a country a popular festival tourist destination. Generally, the attitude is positive and warm, and there is no demarcation seen in alienating foreigners from participating in a local festival. The influx of tourists contributes to the commercial activities. The inflow of money is generated with ...

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Activities in festival tourism

Festival tourism is in fact a portal to vent your energy through channels of fun boiling with vibrant activities. But again there is a word of caution whatever you do should be backed by your rational mind. Fun actions are great, but ensure you do not spill your beer over the brim and get swayed in passion being blindfolded by ...

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Budgeting festival tourism


Festival tourism might seem to drain your financial resource, but it isn’t really so. All you need is planning your expenses well in advance. Carnivals, joy rides and fun gadgets that run on the eve of festivals quite naturally have an entry fee which you need to pay if you gonna have fun experiencing these added amusements. You must set ...

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Countries promoting festival tourism

Innovative steps have been taken by a consortium of three countries to promote the ‘Indo China passion festival’ in a big way. The countries are Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and they have opened a tourism promotion cell in Paris for showcasing the cultural exhibits and colorful festivals having a rich legacy. This is in fact the first time such a ...

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Do’s and don’ts in festival tourism

The things we should do or not while on a festival tourism is a very delicate issue. This is a very sensitive aspect of festival tourism which you must handle with that extra care. Festivals and ceremonies are charged with mass sentiment, and one must ensure any of his acts and attitudes shown while on a festival tour does not ...

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