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Most thrilling Disney rides in the world

Most thrilling Disney rides in the world

A whole generation grew up watching and savoring Disney cartoons. Disney is an iconic brand for children, young adults and the young at hearts. There are multiple Disney amusement parks around the world and they have some of the most amazing joy rides. It is difficult to decide which Disney ride is the best or most thrilling. Each of the rides has something special and makes the time you spend worth remembering even after a long haul of time. Now day’s kids may not be as interested in Disney cartoons as their parents were but still they can have a great time on the rides. Disney has always believed in giving their fans and viewers an out of the world experience and they have achieved this feat with their special joy rides. Here you will find a list of the most thrilling Disney rides in the world that you must experience along with your kids.

Kali River Rapids:

You must enjoy the Kali River Rapids ride if you ever visit the Animal Kingdom of Disney. You will find this ride at the Asian side of the theme park. This joy ride is not for the toddlers. Disney has packed in a lesson as you get to witness how the illegal loggers kill plants and ruin the natural vegetation of our world. The impact of illegal logging is shown along the river ride. The ride takes you down a 30 foot waterfall. Kids can wait for parents standing on the bridge near the end of the river.

Primeval Whirl:

When you are at the animal kingdom you must also enjoy a ride on the Primeval Whirl. Leave all your adult inhibitions behind and take this ride for having a great time. It is not just for the kids and parents can enjoy it as well. The use of bright colors makes this ride look splendid. It was made in the year 2002. It takes you back in time to find out if the dinosaurs were really killed by a meteor crash. This ride is not for the lily livered because you will be moving in a perpendicular circle and occupy a round car. The car seats a maximum of 4 people at once.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin:  

If you enjoyed the Toy Story movies then you would love the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin ride at the Magic Kingdom. It is not just a fun ride but also an interactive game that kids will surely enjoy. The mission of the riders is to defeat the evil doer Zurg who is continuously trying to take control over the universe. You will become a team member of Star Command that protects the universe. You will move from one neon room to another and will have to try and shoot at the red targets with laser guns. Your scores will be shown on the score board after the ride has come to an end.

Soarin’ Ride:         

This is the best loved fun ride at the Orlando Parks made by Disney. You will feel as if you are paragliding over a vast range of American landscapes. During the duration of the ride you will be seated on a bench and the feeling of movement will be simulated through the huge movie screens all around. You will feel the breeze on your face and skip a heart beat or two when on the ride. They have used the smell of pine trees and orange blossoms to make the ride even more realistic.

Splash Mountain:

The Splash Mountain ride is often called the best thrilling ride created by Disney. It has also been the center of controversies for a long time. This theme ride was built based on the movie Song of the South which insulted a minority community brutally. The ride takes you both indoor and outdoor splashing a lot of water. Time moves fast as the car runs at a speed of 40 miles per hour.

Indiana Jones Adventure Ride:

Take this ride on your trip to Disneyland as it is one of the few modern adventure rides that offer a movie like experience in reality. Motion simulators are used to give the riders an experience of moving through dangerous paths above lava pits and through air canon darts. You will also be chased by 16 foot boulder and pass swarms full of vile beetles.

Mission: SPACE:

This thrill ride was inaugurated in the year 2003 and it is doing great business ever since. Once you enter the arena you will get to experience how it feels to be inside a rocket when it leaves the earth’s surface. The technology used is of superior quality and safety is ensured for the riders. You can spend hours playing games at the games area after each show.

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