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Best light festivals in the world

Best light festivals

Festival of lights has a universal appeal only the name differs from one country to another. This festival fundamentally gets into its heightened glory during the night when dazzling illumination takes a wonderful spectacle against the back ground of a dark sky. The festival of light percolates through all barriers of faith, class, culture and nationality and observed at different parts of the world at different points of time. Here, let us take a short exploration of a couple of illustrious festivals of light that are celebrated throughout the globe.

1) Deepavali, India:

Deepavali or better known as Diwali is the famous festival of lights celebrated in the month of October-November not only in India but also by Indians residing abroad. The roots of Diwali could be traced back to Indian mythology where the triumph of divine Shakti(female divine power) over evil is glorified. This is the sacred night when goddess of wealth, Lakshmi is worshipped. This is basically a Hindu festival, but people from other religions are not barred from sharing the pleasure. The houses are illuminated with candles, earthen lamps and neons. Every corner of the house is lit up, and the night becomes a colorful display of myriad fireworks. The Diwali night spirit is intensified with the ear splitting sound of fire crackers and atmosphere literally burns with dazzling flashes and acrid smoke.

2) Lantern festival of China:

This is a Chinese festival of lights originating in Buddhism and celebrated during the month of February. It is a full blown community festival of lights when the night sky is illuminated with brilliant ethereal lanterns that sail across the night in a vivid portrayal of bliss. The ritual is also marked with the gaudy lion dance where a pair of men dressed in a glitzy lion costume, one representing the head and other the torso, dance in perfect harmonization to the tune of hypnotic melody. Another marked feature of this festival is eating sticky rice called Yuanxiao, which represents the bonding of unity in a family.

(3)Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain:

The festival of Las Fallas is a real wild celebration where the dark night engulfing Valencia burns brighter than a sun blazed day, and the people literally roll in mirth and fervor. The fundamental idea is that the carpenters pay a tribute to their benefactor St Joseph and implores to him for the permission of burning down the wooden candle stands termed as ‘parrots’ as the candles have ceased to be of any use as spring has arrived and there is enough light in the sky for the candles to be of any use now. It is a five day long festival and the parrots and other wooden debris burn to produce a mammoth illumination to set the night ablaze.

4) Amsterdam light festival, Holland:

This is a brilliant festival of light art where amazing patterns in dazzling illumination are conceived to stupefy the spectators with extreme delight. The festival spreads from November through January and the shops, cafes and malls are lit up in pure brilliance. You can enjoy the spectacle from a cruise as well.

5)Licht festival, Ghent, Belgium:

The duration of Licht festival is from 29th January till 1st February. The most notable feature of this festival is in the Flanders city of Ghent, a Cathedral, which is illuminated with a stunning 55000 LEDs. This is the most astounding feature which is a big tourist puller.

6) Signal, Prague, Czech Republic:

Signal in the city of Prague is a definition in the field of illumination art, and last year it pulled 25000 people. The artists are meticulous and put in all their talent to create an illuminated pattern on the neo gothic Kostel Svate Ludmily, the Michna and Kinsky palaces. It takes place for three days on the third week of October. Another tourist puller is the Pool, a sparkling light art installation.

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